Teddy Bridgewater announces return to the Saints

At this moment, the Miami Dolphins are going to be going out Shane Falco at quarterback next season. After Miami made a desperate effort to sign Teddy Bridgewater, the New Orleans Saints quarterback revealed Thursday he’’ ll be going back to the Bayou for another season support up Drew Brees. While this is a win for the Saints, it informs us simply how bad things remain in South Beach today. Nick Foles was an alternative. He no longer is. Rather, he’’ s playing in Duval with the Jaguars. Tyrod Taylor was a choice. He’’ s now supporting Philip Rivers in Southern California. Perhaps Miami reverses to a quarterback in Ryan Tannehill that it had currently basically carried on from. The basic truth that Bridgewater, 26, decided to support Brees next season instead of being the most likely starter in Miami informs us a lot about the Dolphins’ ’ company today. Fins down. As it associates with the Saints, they keep among the video game’’ s finest backups. New Orleans had actually obtained Bridgewater from the New York Jets in a trade prior t.

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