Google My Business Post Insights: Just How Insightful Are They?

Google just recently introduced Insights particularly for the efficiency of Google My Business Posts, however how precise are they? Prior to you begin weeping about bad Post efficiency, have a look at this analysis by factor Ben Fisher, who likewise has some wonderful workarounds for getting the most precise Post efficiency information.

Google My Business Posts are a wonderful method of utilizing the property Google offers you and your customers in search. I’ve talked about how you can produce Google My Busines Posts that will assist you win more organisation, however when they at first presented to all services it was a little bit tough to learn how your efforts were equating into outcomes.

Surprise! It’s still hard to see if your efforts are being rewarded, however Google has actually taken a (extremely) little action towards providing you presence in a more aggregated view. No more including things up by hand!

On August 6th, 2018, Google My Business revealed the addition of aggregated Google My Business Posts Insights.

Here was the statement from Google My Business:

Post Insights assist you much better comprehend how your posts carry out with possible consumers. From the Posts tab, you can see insights for:

.A private post.All posts from the recently.All posts from the last month.

How it works

Post Insights reveals your views, clicks, and the portion modification in the rolling duration. The rolling duration is the last 7 or 28 days and can have a hold-up of approximately 3 days. Your summary is discovered on the Posts tab of your web control panel. To figure out why you might have a modification in views, you can see more insights on specific posts.

If any of the following happens, your portions won’’ t program in the summary:

.Your posts got no views. (Okay, Duh!).You wear’’ t have any posts.( Another DUH!). Your portion modification is over 99.99%. (Interesting?).How are GMB Post impressions taped?

From exactly what we can inform, a Post impression is signed up when a Post is totally shown on the screen on mobile or desktop. Exactly what I imply by this is it’s not signed up when the Posts area is, state, showed on the Knowledge Panel however when the user really clicks the Post itself or scrolls through previous Posts.

This makes some sense, however it does not reveal you the worth of a visual impression when a user sees your Knowledge Panel. It does reveal that a user has the intent of looking at your Post. This need to offer you a lot more reward to compose an engaging heading for your posts!

.How do the impressions of GMB Posts line up with impressions in GMB Insights?

Below is a side-by-side view of Google My Business Posts Insights and just the Direct look for a realty customer. If they just see the posts on the Knowledge Panel, this image shows that Google is not counting the impressions of a user.

 Side by side insights direct posts

.How are GMB Post clicks tape-recorded?

Google reports on click the call-to-action button. I believe this makes overall sense, however just like all information that Google supplies, we have actually seen that there is a variation in the information Google reveals us in reports within GMB and the information we see in Google Analytics.

To take a look at how bad the information variation truly is, we just have to search in a couple of locations.

 GMB Post Insights vs GA

The above image demonstrates how Google My Business Posts Insights are carrying out versus exactly what we see in Google Analytics. As you can see, GMB Post Insights reveals a massive ZERO clicks the CTA, while Google Analytics reveals 20 overall sessions (14 which are distinct).

 Google Short Link

When we take a look at the statistics reported through the reduced URL, we see an associating 20 clicks, so the concern is ‘‘ Why does Google choose that 20 is insufficient information?’ That is 7.11% CTR on GMB Posts… … definitely not a bad CTR for a chiropractic doctor!

.What can you do about the variation in information?

As a firm, we are held responsible for our actions and need to show our worth to our customers. They require it and we must have the ability to offer some evidence that the strategies we use provide some concrete advantages.

Yet the information we are offered by Google Insights constantly appears to be off, as Gyi Tsakalakis has actually mentioned prior to . We have no idea precisely how things are counted internally and the numbers have actually been shown to be lower than exactly what they in fact are.

At finest, the information from GMB Post Insights can be an overview of reveal if your Posts are on-point or not. At least we can get some insight as to exactly what the real outcomes are if we utilize tracking URLs and call-tracking numbers.

Moreover, when utilizing a UTM tracking string for Google Analytics you will have the ability to see historic information, which is presently not offered in GMB Post Insights.

Pro Tip: Use the utm_term alternative on each post. I utilize the format of Date_PostType (e.g. utm_term= 9-8-18_BackPain_Call)

.For each Post type, here are some concepts on the best ways to track the outcomes:.Posts, Events, Product Posts.Book: Track in your reservation system and utilize UTM strings.Order Online: Track in your e-commerce system and utilize UTM strings.Purchase: Track in your e-commerce system and utilize UTM strings.Discover more: Use UTM strings.Register: Track in your e-commerce/email system and utilize UTM strings.Call Now: Use a customized tracking number simply for Posts.Deal Posts.Voucher Code: Educate customers on keeping an eye on this code for walk-ins and track through e-commerce systems.Connect To Redeem Offer: Track in your e-commerce/Email system and utilize UTM strings.Conclusion.

So there you have it! GMB Posts Insights still draw, however a minimum of we have something to referral as a pattern.

GMB has actually been making enhancements at a fast speed this year and will continue to do so, so I forecast we can just anticipate that the information will improve and ideally more precise with time.

What have you observed? Show me in the remarks your numbers and any variations in between Google reports that you’ve seen. I’ll then reveal this to Google and perhaps… … simply perhaps … we will improve information.

Ben Fisher is a Google My Business Top Contributor, and a skilled veteran in SEO and social considering that 1994. He’’ s the co-founder of Steady Demand which deals with services and firms to optimize outsourced Local SEO and Social Media. He can be reached on Twitter at @TheSocialDude or @SteadyDemand .

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Loaded Baked Potatoes || Plant Based Meal Prep || Steph and Adam

These baked potatoes are LOADED with taste! Easy to make and will be a struck with everybody! Take pleasure in!


Most Current Plant Based Recipe:

Our Plant Based Meal Prep Playlist:

Join our PATREON household:-RRB-

Our Meal Prep Cook Book:


Products utilized in this video:

The knife Chef Adam advises: (ANY of these chef knives)


Our complete pots and pans:


New Channel Update (Steph and Adam):

Register for Steph and Adam (Formerly – Fit Couple Cooks):


Products and videos to assist your health journey:

Body Fat Scale:

LifeSum App:

How Adam lost 80lbs:

Week 1 Results:

Week 2 Results (Plateaus):

Week 3 Results (Q &):

Week 4 Results (Counting Calories):

Week 5 Results (Flexible Dieting):

Week 7 Results (Body Fat Scale):


Follow us on other platform:


COMPONENTS to make 6 portions however you can make more:

You can utilize ANY veggies you have or desire in your refrigerator!
6 russet potatoes (approx 200g each)
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 little onions
2 bell peppers
2 zucchini
8 oz mushrooms
2 tomatoes
1 can black beans
2 tablespoon tomato paste
1 tablespoon italian flavorings (or any spices you like on veggies)

Cashew Sour Cream
1 cup cashews
1 garlic clove
1/2 date
1/2 lemon
1/2 -1 cup of water

Cilantro or Parsley
( include these on when you’re going to consume, do not put in the refrigerator)



( simply for 1 potato and vegetable topping, NOT consisting of the cashew sour cream or avocado)
Protein: 11
Carbohydrates: 56
Fiber: 10
Sugar: 4
Fat: 3
Calories: 295

If you wish to find out your macros quickly, download our preferred app totally free!
LifeSum App:

Cashew Sour Cream MACROS for the entire BATCH:

Protein: 25
Carbohydrates: 46
Fiber: 4
Sugar: 8
Fat: 70
Calories: 914



1. All meals will be great in the refrigerator for 5 days. Shop the cashew sour cream in a mason container.

2. Freeze all the meals you will not consume in the very first 4 days.

3. If you choose to freeze them they will last for 3 months.

4. Take the meal out the night prior to you prepare to position and consume in refrigerator to thaw.

5. As soon as defrosted, reheat in the oven or saute pan for a couple of minutes or consume cold … or put in your Hot Logic!

Have no idea exactly what a “Hot Logic” is? Take a look at this video:
At checkout, go into the voucher code: ““ fitcouplecooks ” so that YOU can get 20% off!!! WOOOOO!!!

( Watch the complete video for more in-depth directions: )

#plantbased #plantbasedmealprep #mealprep

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5 questions to ask yourself when you want to quit or skip a workout

Today I’’ m sharing 5 concerns to ask yourself when you wish to avoid an exercise or stop. We’’ re going to determine’if you ’ re assisting or harming yourself. And today’’ s reveal is life or – death– as in recently we discussed life (making infants) and today I have actually problem. I have some resources to assist in case you are going through a loss.

New here? I’’ m Monica developer of at website I began to record my very first marathon training and journey to slim down. I ran a marathon, dropped weight and much to my surprise the website grew a substantial following and I fell for all things running, nutrition and health associated.

 RER Podcast

Warm up:

Vegas died recently. I put a post together of some images of him here .

 me and my feline vegas 9

Resources for making it through goodbyes and sorrow:

Option B Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandburg’’.


Heartbreak Ted&Talk– How to Fix a&Broken Heart with Guy Winch


5 Reasons We Should Take The Loss of a Pet Seriously by Guy Winch


How to Fix a Broken Heart– book by Guy Winch


“ Imagine if we dealt with damaged hearts with the exact same regard and issue we have for damaged arms? Psychologist Guy Winch prompts us to reassess the method we handle psychological discomfort, providing warm, sensible, and amusing recommendations for the broken-hearted.Genuine heartbreak is apparent. We consider absolutely nothing else. We feel absolutely nothing else. We appreciate absolutely nothing else. While we wouldn’’ t anticipate somebody to return to everyday activities right away after suffering a damaged limb, sad individuals are anticipated to operate typically in their lives, in spite of the psychological discomfort they feel. Now psychologist Guy Winch pictures how various things would be if we paid more focus on this distinct feeling—– if just we can comprehend how heartbreak works, we can start to repair it.Through engaging research study and brand-new clinical research studies, Winch exposes how and why heartbreak affects our brain and our habits in unanticipated and significant methods, despite our age. Psychological discomfort reduces our capability to factor, to believe artistically, to issue resolve… “… “


 push or rest on your run( 800x800)


Main Event: How to Know When to Push Yourself in Running when to Take a Break


5 Questions to Ask Yourself …


1. Is it my body or my mind that desires a break?


Head to toe scan your body.


Is it physical? A particular body part? Is it exhausted/ aching or possibly an injury?


Is it more of a psychological block?


2. Is this an exception or theguideline in my present training cycle?

What do the last couple of weeks of training appear like?


Am I regularlygetting in my exercises?

. If you have actually been bailingon a lot of workouts exercises might may require reassess your training plan, #ppppp> –Strategy


Is it too advanced for your present physical fitness? Are you physically and psychologically prepared to finish 80% of the exercises?


3. How does this effect my objectives?


How does pressing yourself to finish the exercise line up withmy objectives?


How does relaxing effect your objectives?


Will pressing yourself possibly harm your body? Will it trigger a lots of tension or stress out?

Can pressing through make you psychologically harder?


If your objective is to PR in the halfmarathon– you have to do the exercise however you likewise put on ’ t wish to gethurt or stressed out. — will pressing yourself contribute to your training adversely?


4. Have I done this exercise prior to –? Exactly what was various then?


Am I able to do this exercise physically? Am I able to do this exercise psychologically?


Have I been physically capable and or psychologically efficient in achieving this thing I’m attempting to do.


Have I done this prior to …( give up on a long term, cut a run short, switched speed work for a simple run)? If yes– how did that exercise?


Was it for the very best long term? Did I regret it? Did I have an actually terrific exercise – the next time? Did it trigger an injury?


5. Given up or Be kind?


Is this being or stopping kind to myself?


What would I desirefor my running friend? Exactly what would I desire for my 8 years of age self?


 keep appearing






These are the very best audio books I ’ ve paid attention to just recently.


I pay attention to podcasts or books the majority of the time and music in some cases while running.


These are my finest suggestions from the last couple of months. I utilize Audible and have a membership for a book a month.


I’’ m Other and great Lies by Whitney Cummings

Let Your Mind Run by Deena Kastor


Why Won ’ t You Apologize? by Harriet Lerner PhD


Shoe Dog&by Phil Knight&


Tag me on instagram @RunEatRepeat with exactly what you’’ re doing while listening!

If you have a concern –– ask! Call the RER voicemail line or e-mail

 podcast voicemail

Don’’ t forget the most recent race discount rates!

Check out the Lace Up Race Discounts, Rock n Roll LA and Las Vegas discount rate and Revel Race voucher codes on the Race Discounts page !

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Breckenridge, budgets, free fun, and a sale you don’t want to miss!

We are flying house from Breckenridge as I compose this. As I discussed a couple of days back, my papa’s Christmas present to everybody was this journey to CO for all 28 people. (Yes, is that not the very best present ever??)

It was a great journey — — my daddy leased this HUGE home for all of us that was right on the edge of lovely tracks and had beautiful views. We treked numerous miles, were astonished by the surroundings, as well as saw mountain goats and moose in the wild!

One thing we were not gotten ready for was how insane pricey whatever remained in Breckenridge. We entered into town 2 of the days and we essentially simply had our jaws dropped the entire time at the rates.

$ 20 to ride up a ski lift? $27 to go on the mountain roller rollercoaster? $11 for a crepe?

Say exactly what ??

Yeah. It was quite outrageous to us and I cannot think of living around there!

We’ve been attempting to stick to a quite tight budget plan just recently since we’re dealing with renewing our Emergency Fund and conserving up for some other things. We attempted to invest as little as possible on this journey.

( By the method, including our kids in the budgeting/spending/financial choices procedure has actually been such a good idea. We’ve took a seat and revealed them our spending plan numbers on YNAB and have actually inquired to assist us remain responsible and be as imaginative as we can to invest less so that we can conserve towards a few of our existing objectives. We’ve discovered this so useful as they are continuously inspecting to make sure that any purchase we make remains in the spending plan and motivating all of us to believe outside package and get innovative in order to conserve loan!)

We discovered that there are a lot of enjoyable things to do that do not cost cash — — consisting of stunning walkings, walking around downtown in Breckenridge, and riding the Gondola (it’s totally free and there are such excellent views from it — — consisting of getting to see moose!).

We had a Starbucks present card (thanks, Swagbucks !), so we utilized it to purchase some beverages at the cute yellow Starbucks home in downtown Breckenridge. If you require to, we could not think how huge this Starbucks was and it’s a fantastic location to utilize the restroom!

So numerous of you connected on Instagram and suggested that we go to the Crepes A La Cart location in Breck. We chose that would be our one splurge of the journey. The very first day that we attempted to go, the line was so long that we recognized we would be waiting at least an hour or more.

We returned the next day (Monday) and the line was much shorter. We still waited about 45 minutes overall — — however it deserved the wait. Since you get to view them make the crepes right in front of you!), (Especially

By the method, the cinnamon/sugar/butter crepe is just $5 and they had a couple of other crepes that were around $8. They huge so we purchased 3 and divided them among the 6 people (we had my sibling’s child with us, too). It was the best reward and due to the fact that of getting to see them make the crepes, it seemed like more of an “experience” than simply a basic stop for a treat!

.A Deal You Don’t Want to Miss!

Speaking of spending plans and conserving loan, we had some demands to provide a Labor Day sale on our courses and digital items. I wasn’t preparing to, however I chose that it’s been a couple of months considering that we’ve run a sale so we’re going to do a 36-hour Flash Sale of ALL of our items.

And think just how much of a discount rate you can get with this sale ?? 50% off!

That’s right, when you utilize voucher code FLASHSALE, you’ll get half off the rate of each among our courses. You can purchase as numerous courses as you ‘d like at this discount rate.

This sale is just excellent through Wednesday night (September 5, 2018) at midnight. Participate these lots while you can!

.Blogging Courses:. 5 Days to a Successful Blog Launch : Just $8.50 with the voucher code! Blog Start-Up 101 : Just $18.50 with the discount coupon code! WordPress 101 : Just $18.50 with the discount coupon code! Branding Basics 101 : Just $18.50 with the discount coupon code! Content Creation 101 : Just $18.50 with the voucher code! Email List Setup 101 : Just $18.50 with the voucher code! Build Your List 101: Just $18.50 with the voucher code! Facebook Live Strategies Masterclass : Just $8.50 with the voucher code!Deliberate Living Courses:. Make Over Your Mornings : Just $8.50 with the discount coupon code! Make Over Your Evenings : Just $8.50 with the voucher code! Make Over Your Year : Just $8.50 with the discount coupon code! 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life: Just $8.50 with the discount coupon code! Say Goodbye to Survival Mode : Just $8.50 with the voucher code! 15 Days to a Healthier You : Just $7.50 with the voucher code!

Be sure to utilize voucher code FLASH SALE to obtain these costs! And keep in mind, you can utilize this discount coupon code as sometimes as you’’d like!


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Website Visitor Segmentation: The Conversion Strategy You’re Not Using


How specified is your e-commerce conversion funnel?

If your not growing sales, you have to peek into one (or more) of your funnel levels.

You may have a respectable understanding of the basic marketing circulation: acquisition, support, conversion…… however exactly what strategies are you utilizing at each level to make sure you’’ ve constructed the highest-performing funnel possible?

A standard e-commerce visitor division method can rapidly enhance your conversion funnel and supplies a terrific starting point for optimization throughout your website.

Whether you’’ re brand-new to segmenting or you currently have a number of client sectors specified, let’’ s begin by taking a look at the top of your funnel to show precisely how division can increase your earnings.

.Lead Capture &&Customer Acquisition: Top of Funnel (TOFU).

Filling the leading part of your funnel is exactly what we call lead capture or client acquisition, AKA when site visitors opt-in to your e-mail list.

You have all kinds of traffic pertaining to your e-commerce website: natural, social, paid – – and within those groups there are various consumer personalities (perfect consumers, not-ideal consumers, high-intent, no interest, and so on).

We suggest our customers get and attempt 5% of their overall traffic to opt-in.

Here at Justuno our primary suggestion to every e-commerce website to assist them accomplish that 5% standard is to establish a brand-new visitor pop-up.

 Screenshot of example email capture

This is the bare minimum of exactly what has to be live on your website today. If you wear’’ t have actually something established to catch brand-new gos to, striking that 5% mark is never ever going to take place.

Capturing brand-new visitors enables you to obtain your feet damp with division and is reasonably simple to establish and comprehend.

Once you catch brand-new visitors, you can target them with an automated New Visitor Welcome e-mail project (more on that listed below) which’’ s the begin to a targeted marketing project.


With this kind of deal, you’’ ll be up-and-running in no time!

But to be truly wise about it and get going with division early, you must set this provide with a couple of particular targeting guidelines to level-up your division from the very start.

.Be Better Than Average.

You can quickly collect more info on individuals opting-in to your deal than you might believe.

Setting up advanced targeting guidelines can assist you notify your marketing projects by informing you: who is choosing in and where on your website they’’ re doing so.

Let’’ s take a look at a couple of examples of sophisticated targeting guidelines you can utilize to assist level-up your division technique:

.IP address.Geo-location.Existing URL (that the user engaged with the promotion on).Particular deal opted-in (special voucher code).

Once you have this details, you’’ ll have a more effective understanding of the visitors who are deciding in. You’’ ll understand 2 things:

They are a brand-new visitor AND they:

.Lie in [x] area.Opted-in on [x] page.Utilized [x] voucher code.

Knowing this details, you can shift into sending out e-mails that are personally appropriate inning accordance with the information you simply gathered.

These are simply a couple of examples of how you can utilize targeting guidelines plus a deal to section. There are TONS more examples of projects that you can develop for your e-mail marketing. To see an extensive list check out this article.

.Sending Out Relevant Emails: Middle of Funnel (MOFU).

Now that you understand something about individuals who’’ ve opted-in on your website, you can funnel them to the very best section or list inside your e-mail provider (ESP).

Why is this crucial? Simply have a look at these statistics:

.Segmented and targeted e-mails produce 58% of all profits Email has an ROI of $41 for every single dollar invested compared with $12.71 for Social Media and $22.24 for paid search.

These statistics are considerable due to the fact that not just is e-mail the most individual channel for marketing, however providing an appropriate, targeted e-mail in such a way loads an effective conversion punch.

Using among the targeting guidelines from above, i.e. if you understand the page where the visitor opted-in, you can utilize that details to notify which list they’’ re put on and exactly what the material of your e-mail marketing project must be.

For example, if your site visitor engages with or opts-in to your New Visitor deal on your guys’’ s t-shirts item classification page, you can send them to a Welcome Campaign supplemented with your guys’’ s t-shirts finest sellers at the bottom.

See how including a single customized element can power up your e-mail marketing efforts?

This can assist press your visitors from MOFU to BOFU.

.Time to Convert: Bottom of Funnel (BOFU).

Now that we’ve clarified how middle of the funnel division can work, let’’ s check out how that MOFU marketing affects the users who have a high intent to purchase (BOFU).

Let’’ s keep keeping up the example from above:

.You established a New Visitor deal (ex: Free Shipping on very first order when you register!).A user opted-in to your deal on the guys’’ s t-shirts classification page.You send out a Welcome email with your very popular males’’ st-shirts. Now exactly what takes place when they click through to your website?

This is where the majority of you are missing out on the last action in developing a funnel that transforms – – your on-site experience.

This last action is the most essential, yet most ignored.

Your on-site experience is where the user will make their purchase choice! Don’’ t waste your effort in producing a deal and customized e-mail project, just to funnel them to a website experience that’’ s NOT enhanced for conversion!

What can assist enhance your website?

.Send them to an appropriate page or material.Mirror your e-mail messaging on-site so the user benefits from your deal (Your totally free shipping deal from above).

Once your user clicks through from among your males’’ s t-shirts suggestions, undoubtedly the ideal location for the visitor would be that item’’ s page.


But, if they put on ’ t see their Free Shipping deal on this PDP, they might lose their inspiration to purchase.

By matching the e-mail message on-site, your user is most likely to remain concentrated on exactly what you desire them to do: BUY.

Here’’ s an example of a wise e-mail to website messaging setup:


 Screenshot of example e-mail &&desktop messaging

Another example of a typical promo in the BOFU is an exit promo. When a client has actually included products to their cart and is showing habits that suggests they are about to leave your website, this is. This deal will yield instant outcomes by including and closing sales earnings that otherwise might have been lost. You’’ re capturing these visitors at a crucial point, completely timing a deal to assist get them to the goal instead of closing the window.

Just like your brand-new visitor project, you can send your exit promos to a particular list inside your ESP.

They tried to desert their cart AND they:

.Lie in [x] area.Engaged on [x] page.Displayed [x] habits.

If you desire specific methods on WHAT e-mail marketing projects to establish when to send out these e-mails view this replay of our current webinar.

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Run Eat Repeat Instagram Questions – A Podcast

Hello! Here are the most recent concerns I’’ ve gotten today from my Instagram stories concern box. You can ask me a concern @RunEatRepeat on Instagram or in the remarks listed below! These concerns struck all various bases from increasing speed and mileage to those Nuun electrolyte tablets. I taped them for IGTV –– so they’’ re offered on video and audio on the Run Eat Repeat podcast.

 run consume repeat podcast

Listen to the podcast on the Apple Podcast App // Stitcher – – for Android// Spotify and more! Simply look for Run Eat Repeat in any of those podcast apps!

Or see the concern and response session on the @RunEatRepeat IGTV channel ––

@RunEatRepeat IGTV Channel

 ig concerns a

1. Will you concern Oklahoma and assist me be a much better runner?

I’’d love to run a race with you in OKAY!

2. (This one got cut off.)

3. How do I increase my speed and increase my mileage at the exact same time?

A: It’’ s essential to be clever about it to end up being a much better much faster runner however not get hurt or stressed out. Discover a training strategy that will assist you to increase mileage and include speed work. Keep in mind the 10% guideline –– wear’’ t increase your mileage more than 10% weekly.

4. Where do I get those Nuun tablets you published about the other day?

A: Nuun is an excellent sports consume for running, exercises and in this case dehydration.

Nuun Tablets Variety Pack

I likewise enjoy Spark for hydration and a fantastic pick-me-up!

My favorites are the Spark Mango Strawberry and Spark Limeade

 stimulate beverage exercise running energy and electrolyte

You can likewise get them in Spark Stick Packs to take them on the go. I constantly have some in my handbag and fitness center bag.

 stimulate stick packs discount coupon

5. Are you still moving? Do you speak Spanish? I do a bit.

A: Yes it’’ s in the works!


6. School’’ s back in! Don ’ t forget to thank your custodian.( for your mother’)


A: My mommy ’ s an instructor and I assisted her established the class for this brand-new academic year.

7. What’’ s the trick to your fantastic eyebrows?

A: I attempt not to pluck them myself and get them colored or color them in. I’’ m a natural redhead and my eyebrows are naturally lighter than my hair –– so they’’ re a strawberry blonde color. I specify them with an eyebrow pencil and eyebrow gel.

.My preferred eyebrow pencil and eyebrow gels:.

Eyebrow pencil in Auburn by Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Maybelline eyebrow pencil in Auburn

Revlon ColorStay eyebrow pencil in Auburn

For Blonde Hair –– this Taupe eyebrow pencil is terrific

Eyebrow gel in Auburn by Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Eyebrow gel/ mascara by Maybelline in Auburn

8. Would you think about doing/ training for a triathlon?

A: I like the concept of it and I’’d love to be a much better professional athlete however I believe it’’ s a really pricey sport so most likely not. I put on’’ t wish to purchase an elegant bike and wetsuit and all that things. And I wear’’ t understand how or truly wish to find out ways to alter a bike tire.

9. Prior to the blog site removed –– exactly what did you provide for work?

A: I operated at Starbucks then for a hiring business as a scientist and did internships at a cable television news station and news station in Los Angeles.

10. If not a beer mile or wine mile …. margarita mile!!?!

A: Too quickly!

11. How do you return into following your very first marathon?

A: Make if enjoyable once again!

12. Which October marathon are you running? Ventura? It’’ s going to be my very first complete marathon!


A: Maybe Lace Up Ventura or there’’ s likewise the Long Beach Marathon and St. George in October!

 Lexus Lace Up Race Discount Code

13. Have you done the Marine Corps Marathon?

A: I enjoyed the Marine Corps Marathon !! Check out my wrap-up and video here:

Marine Corps Marathon exposition

Marine Corps Marathon race wrap-up/ evaluation

Marine Corps Marathon video

>>>>>> Then, the video cut me off quickly … so I’’ ll respond to the remainder of the concerns quickly!

.If you have a concern for me … Leave it in the remarks or

, #ppppp>

Email ––

or call –– 562 888 1644

or leave it in the @RunEatRepeat Instagram stories or my DMs!

 podcast concern details (800x800)

Thank you!

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Krispy Kreme: Buy One, Get One Dozen Doughnuts Free!

If you’re a Krispy Kreme Rewards Member, check your inbox for a possible coupon to get buy any one Dozen Doughnuts and get one dozen free Original Glazed Doughnuts on August 21st and 22nd, 2018!

Just show the barcode on your app to get this deal.

Not a Rewards Member? Sign up here for free.

Thanks, Hip2Save!

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Krispy Kreme: Get a 3-pack of doughnuts for just $1 with purchase!

Krispy Kreme Rewards members can get a 3-pack of doughnuts for just $1 with any purchase right now! This is a great way to get cheap doughnuts with your coffee purchase.

No coupon required. Just scan the barcode in your app at checkout. Limit one per customer.

Valid through August 16, 2018.

Thanks, Freebie Shark!

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Plant Based BBQ | 30 minute Meal Prep

This meal prep is GREAT to eat cold and SO easy to make! These grilled veggies are BOMB and the grilled tofu and roasted potatoes will make your mouth water. This prep will take you only 30 minutes and you can make TONS to save in the fridge or freezer to eat whenever you need a quick meal!

Grab Sir Kensington’s Spicy Brown Mustard HERE:










INGREDIENTS (to make 6 meals, but can double or triple to make a ton!):

6 small russet potatoes
2 (420g) package of tofu
3 zucchini
2-3 eggplant
3 bell peppers
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp Sir Kensington’s Spicy Brown Mustard

Protein: 20
Carbs: 46
Fiber: 8
Sugar: 8
Fat: 13
Calories: 381


1. All meals will be fine in the fridge for 5 days.

2. Freeze all the meals you will not eat in the first 4 days.

3. If you decide to freeze them they will last for 3 months.

4. Take the meal out the night before you plan to eat and place in fridge to thaw.

5. Once thawed, reheat in the oven or saute pan for a few minutes or eat cold… or put in your Hot Logic!

Don’t know what a “Hot Logic” is? Check out this video:
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(Watch the full video for more detailed instructions: )

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