Author Shares Her Low Writing Scores from 4th Grade to Prove Kids Are “More Than a Test”

Alexandra Penfold was in fourth grade when she wrote a self evaluation saying, “I love to write and I hope to become an author someday.” It was the same year that a standardized state test labeled her as “minimally proficient at writing,” after she scored only a 4 out of 8. This weekend I sorted […]

When a 4-Year-Old Gets Homework, It’s Time to Admit Things Have Finally Gone Too Far

Image Source: Sarah Bregel This year, my 4-year-old kid began preschool. Being a common 2nd kid , he was more than all set on his very first day, marching in with his shoulders back and head held high. He’’ s extremely brave and immensely positive for such a little man. (Don’t get me incorrect. If […]

Having autism made me a better mother

By the time I was identified with autism in my mid-40s, my kids were all however matured. The eldest was 25, and the youngest was 18. My medical diagnosis put my entire life in viewpoint, however it likewise raised lots of concerns, consisting of some surrounding domesticity. Would I have associated to my own adoptive […]