5 free dating sites for people over the age of 50

It’s safe to say that businesses who advertise as free dating sites for seniors can be a mixed bag. Online dating is hard enough, but once it’s funneled out into niche categories it’s slim pickings for everyone–well, unless you know which sites host the largest communities of singles.  How do free senior dating sites work? […]

8 of the geekiest onesies for your future gamer

If you’ve chosen to make the switch from two-player to celebration mode, there’s a great deal of things you require to prepare. Diapers, blankets, baby-proofing, and obviously, onesies. And although the important things you require for infant might look like a nonstop list, this isn’t precisely grocery shopping. To put it simply, it ought to […]

How to shoot professional photography with your smartphone

Smartphones come with impressive cameras that have the ability to shoot incredibly clear photos and videos. But there’s more to photography than just counting megapixels. There are other important factors to consider in the mission for high-quality photography, such as the lens quality, the sensor, the amount of available light, and the ability to focus quickly. […]

The worm from ‘Labyrinth’ can now live on your desk permanently

Any fan of the brilliant Jim Henson film Labyrinth will recognize this famous line of dialogue immediately: Ello! While this jaunty little worm may have had less than two minutes of screen time, we remember him perfectly. And thanks to this officially licensed new statue from ThinkGeek, you can gaze upon his peaceful little face […]

The ‘Star Trek’ 3D-printing pen is like a handheld replicator

Ever wished to develop things with the powers of 23rd-century science? This Star Trek 3D printing pen puts that power in your hands. This modern-day marvel spins things out of plastic much like a 3D printer, other than it works merely by drawing freehand. ThinkGeek Looking for a badge to reveal you’’ re the captain […]