Ryan Reynolds Perfectly Trolls ‘Avengers’By Revealing Why He’s Not In The Film

“ Avengers: Infinity War ” had the greatest ticket office opening weekend of perpetuity , as well as Marvel ’ s top giant was pleased.

Actor Ryan Reynolds , who has his own unique location in the Marvel Universe as Deadpool , published a congratulatory tweet that likewise consisted of a mock rejection letter from Tony Stark that jokingly discussed why he wasn ’ t in the movie:

The letter is dated April 14, 2012 days after the Hollywood best and weeks prior to the main opening of the very first “ Avengers ” movie.

While Disney purchased Marvel in 2009, intricate licensing offers suggested it didn ’ t really manage the on-screen rights to a variety of characters, consisting of Deadpool. Fox owned those.

Disney ’ s offer in 2015 to obtain the majority of Fox , nevertheless, might imply there ’ s hope yet that Deadpool might sign up with a future “ Avengers ” movie.