2019 Email Marketing Statistics: We Analyzed 1,000 Emails from Today’s Top Experts

Nearly every business with an email marketing strategy wonders how to write the perfect email. They question the length of their emails. (Short or long?) They wonder how they can get more people to open their emails. (Should I capitalize my subject lines or not?) And they debate even the little things. (Emojis or no emojis?)

And there isn’t a simple answer to these questions — until now.

With the help of AWeber’s data scientist, we analyzed 1,000 emails from 100 of today’s top marketers. Our goal? Gather email marketing statistics that will answer these questions.

The 100 experts we analyzed are the best of the best. Their email strategies engage thousands and drive millions in revenue. Many of them see unheard of results (like 80% open rates and 30% click-through rates).

In this post, we answer 4 important questions:

How many words are in an email?
How many characters are in a subject line?
What percentage of subject lines include emojis?
How do experts capitalize their email subject lines?

And more!

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Email marketing statistics: Words in an email
The average email length
Of the 1,000 emails we analyzed, we found that emails have 434.48 words on average. 434 words takes approximately 3.3 minutes to read.

Email marketing statistics: Words in an email

Why some pros go with shorter emails
However, more than 50% of the emails we analyzed contained 300 words or less (a 2.3 minute read time). With people receiving more emails than ever before, it makes sense that experts are sending shorter emails. Email marketers need to stand out to captivate their readers. Short emails might be a good strategy for doing so.

Henneke Duistermaat is the founder of Enchanting Marketing and one of the 100 top marketers whose emails we analyzed. She often sends emails with less than 300 words.

“Have you ever heard someone complaining they’re not getting enough email?” Duistermaat said. “Everyone’s inbox is overflowing. We’re all time-starved. So, we love succinct messages that help us make a quick decision: whether to reply or not, whether to click through or not.”
Why some pros send long-form emails
Yet, 24.1% of the emails we analyzed contained 601 words or more. And 11.4% of them had more than 901 words, a read time of approximately 6.9 minutes.

These experts stand out by sending long emails packed with valuable content, like Ann Handley. Handley is the Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, a marketing education company, and one of the top 100 marketers we included in our research. She sends her newsletter TotalAnnarchy via AWeber every other Sunday. On average, her newsletters contain 1,838.5 words, which takes roughly 14 minutes to read.

Handley said, “It’s not that long-form emails are effective. Rather, what’s effective is emails that have value for the people on your list. I don’t set out every other Sunday with a goal of writing the longest email I possibly can. But I do have a goal of writing an authentic, valuable, fun letter to each and every subscriber on my list. I put my heart and soul into it, and that’s why people respond.”

Matt Kepnes, author and founder of travel blog Nomadic Matt, is also on our list of top marketers. He sends long-form emails as well. On average, they contain 802 words. Instead of linking off to posts on his blog, he includes entire articles within his emails. These messages see high open and click-through rates. “People will read longer emails if the topic is important enough,” Kepnes says.
How to choose your email length

So how do you decide whether to send short or long emails? It depends on your unique business goals, according to Andy Crestodina, a top email marketer and the founder of website consulting company Orbit Media. “If your goal is simply awareness, long or short is less important. If subscribers see it, like it, and smile, you met the goal! If your goal is traffic, then give the recipient the minimum amount of information needed to decide to click. The CTR (click-through rate) is everything and more text just means more noise in their inbox.”

Email marketing statistics: Characters in a subject line
The average character count of a subject line
Email subject lines play a huge role in whether your messages get opened. In fact, 47% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone, according to research done by Business2Community.

After researching 1,000 subject lines, we found that email subject lines have 43.85 characters on average.

Email marketing statistics: Characters in a subject line


82% of experts send subject lines with 60 characters or less. Which makes sense considering most desktop email clients, such as Gmail and Yahoo!, only display approximately 60 characters before a subject line gets cut off.
Why you should consider using short subject lines
46% of emails are opened on mobile devices, according to research conducted by email testing service Litmus. So it’s important to consider how mobile devices affect the ideal subject line character length.

Most email clients stop displaying an email subject line on mobile devices once it reaches between 33 and 43 characters. The exact number varies from one email client to another.

Since they don’t get cut off in the inbox, shorter subject lines may outperform longer ones. And because only 10.9% of subject lines contain 20 characters or less, it may also be an opportunity to stand out.

Brian Dean, founder of SEO company Backlinko and one of the 100 top marketers whose emails we analyzed, sends subject lines with an average of 15.1 characters. “After lots of testing I’ve found that short subject lines get much higher open rates,” Dean said. He believes these results are due to two factors:

Short subject lines reach the inbox more frequently.
Short subject lines are more mysterious.

“I used to try to outline the entire message in my subject lines. And it gave people no reason to actually open my email,” Dean says.

Email marketing statistics: Emojis in subject lines
The percentage of emails with emojis
Only 6.9% of the 1,000 email subject lines we analyzed incorporated emojis. That leaves a whopping 93.1% of subject lines without them.

Email marketing statistics: Emojis in subject lines

Why only 6.9% of emails contain emojis
Experts might see emojis as a risk, since they can display differently, and sometimes incorrectly, in email clients.

In fact, subscribers opening emails on old computer operating systems may not see emojis at all. “Windows 7, which holds a major market share of 48.4%, offers very limited support for emojis, displaying in black and white or not at all,” email testing company Litmus says in its research on emoji support in email.

[Image source: Litmus]

Why you should consider using emojis in your subject lines
While only 6.9% of subject lines included emojis, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In fact, this may mean you should test them with your own audience. It could be a huge opportunity to be unique.

And emojis might actually increase open rates — as long as you use the right emoji, according to Mark Asquith, marketing expert and founder of Rebel Base Media. (Asquith is one of the 100 top marketers whose emails we included in our research.) He frequently uses the icons in his own subject lines. “A well-placed smiley, timer, or contextual emoji used alongside a well-thought-out subject line will really make your message stand out within someone’s already very busy inbox,” he said.

Try a/b split testing two email subject lines — one with an emoji and one without. The results from your split test can help determine if emojis boost open rates with your own audience.

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Email marketing statistics: Subject line capitalization
The 3 capitalization formulas for email subject lines
To find out how top marketers use capitalization in their email subject lines, we examined the subject lines from our 100 experts to see if they relied on a particular capitalization formula.

We found 3 common formulas: sentence-case capitalization (the first letter of the first word is capitalized), title-case capitalization (the first letter of every word is capitalized, except for articles like “the” and “an”), and all lowercase capitalization (every letter is lowercase).

As an example, here is the same subject line with these 3 different formulas applied to it:

Sentence-case: This is an email subject line
Title-case: This Is an Email Subject Line
All lowercase: this is an email subject line

How experts capitalize their subject lines
60% of email subject lines use sentence-case capitalization, 34% use title-case capitalization, and only 6% use all lowercase email subject lines.

Email marketing statistics: Subject line capitalization

Are lowercase subject lines an underused secret?
The majority of the experts we analyzed use sentence-case capitalization. But a few experts consistently send emails with entirely lowercase subject lines, like email marketing expert Val Geisler. Geisler is a freelance consultant and writer who specializes in email marketing, and we analyzed her emails for our research.

Geisler points out that people are more likely to open an email if it’s from a personal connection or friend. “If you’re writing an email to a friend, are you going to title-case the subject line? Probably not. You likely won’t even use sentence-case capitalization,” she said.“I write my emails like I’m writing to a friend so my subject lines follow the same principles. Does it work? I’ll let my ~80% open rates and ~30% click rates speak for themselves.”
How should you use these email marketing statistics?
Use these findings as a guide the next time you’re writing an email.

Want to stand out? Try a strategy that most people aren’t using — like emojis in subject lines or lowercase subject lines.

Want to follow a proven strategy used time and again by the experts? Use the findings in this report to follow time-tested email copy strategies used by the majority of experts.

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About the data from this research
We analyzed 1,000 marketing emails from 100 successful businesses and entrepreneurs. While we didn’t randomly select these businesses, we chose experts across multiple industries and from numerous countries.

See the complete list of the 100 businesses we included in our research (and follow them!) here.

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7 Ways to Help a Child Deal with Traumatic Stress

Life is demanding. That’’ s a reality. To grow and discover we need to attempt brand-new things. Having a hard time, dominating, and enduring failures along the method develops self-confidence and the deep sensation in a kid that ““ I can do it. When the quantity of tension ends up being continual and/or too terrific, ” But the favorable elements of battle and tension are lost.

Long-lasting and relentless tension on the body and mind triggered by frustrating feelings results in terrible tension, a condition identified by a nerve system in overdrive. The brain’’ s psychological centers lock into a state of DANGER and the body runs in freeze, flight, and battle modes.

Traumatic tension feels dreadful. The body tenses and succumbs to numerous other physiological modifications leading to gastrointestinal issues and headaches. Kids overwhelmed by feelings can’’ t engage favorably in finding out as interest in the outdoors world is a by-product of a calm worried system, not one that’’ s in a state of high alert.

.When you are horrified, #ppppp> Imagine for a minute what it feels like. Do you feel well? Do you seem like knowing, taking part in life, fraternizing others? No! When grownups and kids alike are horrified, we wish to escape, conceal, and discover security once again as quickly as possible so we feel much better. We feel insecure and susceptible when we are frightened. After a while, we feel helpless, even dead and numb within. Anxiety, persistent stress and anxiety, compound seclusion, abuse, and hostility, are all signs of terrible tension.

So, what can be done to assist a kid experiencing distressing tension? Assist them to feel calmer. Here are 7 methods:

1. Be with them — — connection is calming.

John Bowlby, the daddy of Attachment Theory, taught us that kids require to feel protected and safe to grow. It might appear primary, however the very first element of developing security for a kid is existing so a connection can be developed.

A kid with distressing tension is afraid (even if they wear’’ t appear so on the outdoors, like how a bully or aggressive kid might provide). When there is push-back from the kid, merely having somebody in the space can be a convenience even. Being alone increases worry.

2. Be mild so as not to accidentally shock or container a kid.

A kid suffering terrible tension is irritable and delicate, a by-product of a hyper-aroused nerve system. We reside in a really left-brain dominant culture where we put on’’ t talk almost enough about psychological security communicated through best brain interactions. Right-brained interactions are the non-verbal hints we automatically get from one another. Right-brain interactions consist of intonation, eye contact, and body movement.

Adults need to aim to speak in a mild, calm voice with sluggish motions and soft eyes to prevent surprising or disconcerting a kid. When you are upset, simply believe about how you like to be approached.

3. Play fosters safe favorable connection, and favorable connection is relaxing.

Play feels healthy and great for all individuals no matter what age. According to Polyvagal theory, play promotes the social engagement system of the vagus nerve, the body’’ s biggest nerve, and for that reason unwinds the nerve system.

Play assists a kid feel much better and relax. Play includes so much more than a video game. It includes connection, smiling, consulting with a lively and cheerful intonation, and motion. All of those actions soothe a kid.

It might appear counter instinctive to start have fun with a kid under tension, however if they are responsive, it provides the nerve system an opportunity to relax. Even if for a little while, a minute of playfulness is great.

4. Assist a kid call their sensations.

Putting language on feelings assists relax the nerve system. We can utilize stories, our own individual stories or ones we develop, to assist a kid put language on their feelings . A mom might share with her shocked kid, ““ When I was little bit, my mom went away for a long time. She was ill, so she needed to go to where medical professionals might assist her. Although I comprehended why she disappeared, I was still so unfortunate and frightened. And, in some cases I even felt mad at her for not being there for me. All those sensations are so natural.” ”


There are numerous methods to assist kids put language on their sensations. You can reveal them illustrations of little confront with numerous sensations and they can indicate the ones they associate with. You can assist a kid call their sensations with illustrations, puppets, and video games.

5. Assist a kid reveal their sensations.

Emotions consist of impulses that create biological energy. This energy requires to be revealed so it doesn’’ t get suppressed within. If a kid is in risk, their brain will set off worry. Worry sends out signals throughout the body, triggering impulses to run. If a kid is in a circumstance where they can not run to security, like being limited by Mexican border patrolmen, all that energy gets caught in the body and leads to signs of distressing tension.

Helping a kid reveal their feelings can be carried out in a range of innovative methods, such as the through art, play, stories, dream, puppets, or by assisting the kid verbally or physically reveal themselves. You must do not hesitate to experiment and take your hints from the kid for what works best. Hints to search for that show you are assisting a kid are expressions of relief, joy, calm, and a desire to play and link more. If an intervention is not assisting, you’’ ll see a kid ’ s deal with and body show more stress, unhappiness, rigidness, withdrawal, and anger.

6. When a kid accepts it, provide hugs and other physical love.

Holding, rocking, rubbing, hugging, and swaddling can assist relieve a stressed out nerve system. Once again, take your hints from the kid. If they put on’’ t like something, wear’’ t do it. If they are reacting favorable or adversely, you can inform by the method the kid responds and looks. If they stiffen, it’’ s a demonstration. If they soften and unwind, that’’ s a thumbs-up.

7. Assure a kid and assist them understand what’’ s occurring.


A little peace of mind goes along method. Be specific! State things like, ““ You will be okay,” “” “ This sensation is’short-lived, ” “ You are’not alone, ” “It ’ s not your fault, ” and, “ You wear ’ t deserve this. ”


Don ’ t lie to a kid. Do try to find genuine methods you can assure them that they are safe now and will not be alone. Discuss what has actually taken place and what is presently occurring. In the case of adult separation, ““ Mommy and daddy are safe and quickly you will see them once again. Up until then, we’’ ll be together every day and I’’ ll look after you.” ” Reassuring a kid that they didn’’ t do anything bad which they matter assists due to the fact that kids internalize pity, a sense that they are not worthy or bad when they feel bad.

Humans are wired for connection and grow in conditions of security and security. When security and security is jeopardized, we need to do whatever we can to bring back a kid’’ s sense of security and security as quick as possible. There are lots of instructional resources readily available to grownups that teach how to decrease tension and foster healing in kids. When our kids suffer, the expense to our society is fantastic.


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Five Things to Know About Flor de Caña

Rum is a genuinely international spirit. Unlike, state, Scotch or Cognac, rum can be made practically anywhere.

Today you’’ ll discover in your area produced bottles all over from the Caribbean to the Congo; Honduras to Hawaii. You’’d be looking for rather a long time, nevertheless, prior to you discovered one with the pedigree of Flor de Ca ñ a . The 125-year-old Nicaraguan brand name has actually brought its craft throughout 5 generations of household stewardship, collecting numerous distinctions along the method. Most just recently, it was called 2017 Best Rum Producer of the Year at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London.

How has Flor de Ca ñ a continual such stature throughout the previous century? Let us count the methods. Here are 5 things to learn about the world’’ s finest rum.

. From One Man ’ s Mission to Family Tradition.

When Alfredo Francisco Pellas Canessa left his native Italy for Nicaragua in 1875, rum wasn’’ t on his mind. Throughout the Gold Rush, Alfredo produced an effective steamboat path linking the Atlantic to the Pacific, travelling through Nicaragua. Fate would set him on a brand-new course entirely.

The natural appeal of Nicaragua —– beautiful lakes and waterfalls, fertile jungle, plentiful sugarcane —– persuaded him to make rum his service. In 1890 he developed a distillery at the base of San Cristóbal, the highest and most active volcano in Nicaragua. This eventful choice resulted in the birth of Flor de Ca ñ a, and a liquid tradition secured today by his great-great-grandchildren.

.The Secret Is in the Soil.

Setting up store under the shadow of an active volcano may sound dangerous, however this specific property is totally accountable for Flor de Ca ñ a’’ s distinct taste profile. The soil is fertilized by ash, the perfect rooting ground for abundant molasses. That very same mineral-laden earth assists enhance the water, percolating through the ages into underground tanks. This special biome artfully shapes the 2 active ingredients most important to high-end rum.

The microclimate surrounding San Cristóbal plays another essential element. ““ Flor de Ca ñ a grows at a greater temperature level and humidity level than other spirits such as scotch and Cognac,” ” Mauricio Solórzano, international “brand name ambassador, states. “ These conditions cause a more vibrant interaction in between the barrel and rum and to a greater [rate of evaporation]””


It ’ s a delighted set of scenarios and it develops abundant, intricate rum. Flor de Ca ñ a rums are aged from 4 approximately 25 years, and are dark amber, bold-bodied, and impossibly smoother.

.A Pioneer of Sustainable Spirit-Making.

Flor de Ca ñ a ran a sustainable organisation long prior to the term was trending. For more than a years, the distillery has actually run completely on renewable resource. The business school has actually offered complimentary education to the kids of workers considering that 1913, and a business health center has actually used complimentary medical services to workers and their households given that 1958.

““ Flor de Ca ñ an is among the early pioneers in this area,” ” Paul Rice, president and CEO of Fair Trade USA, states. ““ They are among simply a couple of spirits business to embrace Fair Trade practices in their supply chain.””


It shows not just the business’’ s dedication to environmentalism, however to the social and financial wellness of those who craft the rum.

““ Flor de Ca ñ a continues raising the bar for the worldwide spirits market around ecological sustainability and social duty,” ” states Rice. “ [They ’ ve produced] a system for buying the employees producing the raw components for the rum. We’’ re thrilled by the ripple and this collaboration result that it’’ s poised to produce.”

.One Hundred Percent Natural From Field to Flask.

Ultimately, what you put out of the bottle is just going to be as great as the active ingredients that entered into it. Blessed with volcano-enriched molasses, Flor de Ca ñ a safeguards its item through every action of production.

““ The alcohol is naturally aged in little, white oak premium bourbon barrels sealed with Nicaraguan plantain leaves,” ” Solórzano states. ““ Our rums develop without synthetic active ingredients, accelerants, and with absolutely no sugar material.” ” It ’ s a guarantee seldom made by massive rum distilleries.

.A Bartender’’ s Best Friend.

As mild as they are to drink, the Flor de Ca ñ a portfolio is enjoyable and versatile in mixed drinks. This truth is not lost on bartenders.

““ I take pleasure in how the various varieties have really various taste profiles,” ” Micah Melton, drink director at The Aviary in Chicago and New York, states. ““ From dry and crisp, to abundant and toffee —– you can actually highlight the subtlety in between the 4 year and the 25, and whatever in between.””


Melton recommends contacting more youthful expressions of Flor de Ca ñ a to supplant scotch in a Boulevardier. This preparation suppresses the rum’’ s natural sweet taste, stabilizing it with bitter and dry tones from vermouth and Campari.

When it’’ s time for dessert, Melton delights in breaking out the senior aged liquid to commemorate its underlying depth. He just recently utilized it in an after-dinner-style Manhattan created to ““ draw out the abundant chocolate and vanilla notes… … accentuated with chocolate and mint,” ” he’states. “ It ’ s a Peppermint Patty-inspired rum Manhattan, with Flor de Ca ñ a 25 Year, dark chocolate-infused vermouth, fernet, and menthol.” ” Thirsty?

.Where to Buy!

Find your bottle of Flor de Ca ñ a at any of these websites: Total Wine , Drizly , Caskers , Flaviar , or Mini Bar Delivery .

This post is sponsored by Flor de Ca ñ a .

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So many celebrities appear in this powerful International Women’s Day video—and everyone should watch this

So many celebrities appear in this powerful International Women’s Day video—and everyone should watch this

So many celebrities appear in this powerful International Women’s Day video—and everyone should watch this

It’s International Women’s Day, and people around the world are taking the opportunity to both celebrate women’s accomplishments and demand gender equality. And in that spirit, activist and singer Annie Lennox joined a number of other celebrities in making a special video project encouraging Global Feminism. Variety reports that Lennox and her NGO, The Circle, partnered with Apple Music to create the video, along with Sammy Andrews and Deviate Digital. They also had help from actors and singers including Ed Sheeran, Mary J. Blige, Gwendoline Christie, Richard E. Grant, Dua Lipa, Hozier, Richa Chadha, and Eddie Izzard.

Lennox provides a voiceover for the video, which begins by describing the many ways that women’s rights have improved over the past century. But while the former Eurythmics singer notes that things have gotten better for many women, she explains that many more still lack basic human rights. She cites startling statistics, like the fact that 603 million women live in countries where domestic violence has not been outlawed.

“Around the world, we still have a very long way to go before every woman and girl has access to equal rights,” she says at the end of the video. “That is why we stand together as Global Feminists.”

Today is #IWD2019 I made a short film with @TheCircleNGO @AppleMusic @maryjblige @ninanesbitt @lovegwendoline @DUALIPA @Hozier @RichardEGrant @AdeAdepitan @eddieizzard & many more familiar faces to help shine a light on why #GlobalFeminism is so important. Pls watch & share 🙌 pic.twitter.com/PJWZhHzRJr

— Annie Lennox (@AnnieLennox) March 8, 2019

The stars involved also picked songs for an Apple Music playlist that accompanies the video. Tracks on the playlist range from “Respect” by Aretha Franklin to “Don’t Rain On My Parade” sung by Barbra Streisand to “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill.

Head over to @applemusic to check out a playlist we made for #InternationalWomensDay⁠ ⁠ with all the contributors to our #GlobalFeminism film. @AnnieLennox @ninanesbitt @maryjblige @dualipa @edsheeran @emelisande https://t.co/ufJigeyEZa #IWD2019⁠ ⁠

— The Circle (@TheCircleNGO) March 8, 2019

Sioned Jones, executive director of The Circle, told Variety, “Global Feminism is at the heart of what we do as we strive for a more equal and fairer world for women and girls.”

“On this International Women’s Day having a chance to remind us all of the huge inequalities and injustices that remain for millions of women and girls across the globe is important in ensuring no one is left behind in being able to realise their basic human rights,” Jones continued. “We thank Annie, Apple Music and all the contributors who have given up their time and support to this film and we all stand together as Global Feminists.”

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Lennox is also encouraging social media users to photograph themselves with a sign stating the reason they support global feminism. Participants can share the image with the hashtag #OneReasonWhyImAGlobalFeminist.

For #InternationalWomensDay I spoke with @edielush & @claudiagonzalez on the @globalgoalscast about #globalfeminism, music and @TheCircleNGO #IWD2019 Listen here: https://t.co/H0LBFFhtcI https://t.co/E84GhlZqyN pic.twitter.com/eCGIAQFaqf

— Annie Lennox (@AnnieLennox) March 8, 2019

This International Women’s Day, we’re thinking of all the women who aren’t afforded the same rights that we are, and we’re taking the time to help in any way we can. Lennox’s global feminist movement is a great reminder of the importance of standing up for all women, everywhere.

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Visible giving customers $100 to switch or up to $200 off a new phone

In fact, new or existing customers to Verizon’s newest budget carrier effort are eligible to get the credits if they bring or buy a phone and get it on.

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Matthijs de Ligt on possibility of joining Virgil Van Dijk at Liverpool: ‘It could happen’

Ajax starlet Matthijs de Ligt has refused to rule out the possibility of linking up with Dutch international defensive partner Virgil Van Dijk at Liverpool.

Ajax prodigy

de Ligt, a 19-year-old central defender, is widely-regarded as one of, if not the finest young talent on the planet.

Despite his tender years, the gifted stopper has already established himself as a regular at both club level with Ajax, and on the international stage with the Netherlands.

de Ligt’s combination of physique, athleticism, aggression, reading of the game and ability with the ball come together to form the package of a complete, modern centre-half.

In fact, so impressive has the Dutchman been during the early years of his fledgling career, that he was last year named both Ajax’s youngest ever captain, and the first ever-defender to win the Golden Boy award.

| GOAL! |

There’s a reason Matthijs de Ligt has plenty of suitors around Europe’s big leagues…

He’s just put Ajax 3-1 up with this… 👇 pic.twitter.com/CEQ8PxCwAx

— Eleven Sports (@ElevenSports_UK) December 2, 2018

de Ligt in-demand

As such, it has come as little surprise to see more-or-less all of European football’s top clubs named as admirers of de Ligt’s talents.

Of the clubs to have been touted as potential destinations for the gifted teen, BarcelonaManchester City and Juventus have been the most heavily-linked, with the favourites to actually secure a deal for the stopper seemingly changing by the hour.

Matthijs de Ligt during the UEFA Europa League quarter-final first-leg between Ajax Amsterdam and FC Schalke 04s. Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Bongarts/Getty Images.

‘It could happen’

Another of the clubs to have been named as a possible landing spot for de Ligt have been Premier League giants Liverpool.

Former Dutch international Rene van der Gijp even urged his fellow countryman to push for a move to Anfield during an interviw with Voetbal Primeur last month, revealing his excitement over the potential prospect of de Ligt joining forces with Virgil Van Dijk on Merseyside.

Rene van der Gijp (On pairing up Van Dijk & De Ligt at #LFC): “It would be great for Dutch football if those two defenders can play alongside each other for five to six years. Then you are getting the best centre-back pairing in Europe.”

Via: @VoetbalPrimeur pic.twitter.com/PCPatZ0bOY

— LFC Transfer Room (@LFCTransferRoom) February 15, 2019

As such, speaking in an interview with Goal.com yesterday, de Ligt was questioned on the possibility of making the move to Liverpool come the summer.

And fans of the Reds will no doubt be enthused by the prodigious stopper’s response, with de Ligt having refused to rule out the possibility of joining Dutch international compatriot Van Dijk at club level:

‘Virgil (van Dijk) is a player who has experience in the top leagues.’

‘Of course, you would want to learn from him. It’s very helpful playing alongside him in the Dutch team.’

‘It could happen (De Ligt joining him at Liverpool). He plays for Liverpool, a good club, but I’m not focused on them. I focus on Ajax and then I’ll see where I end up.’

De Ligt dropping Liverpool hints like… 😲 pic.twitter.com/kz5XlY7HGH

— Goal (@goal) March 8, 2019

Liverpool U23s boss Critchley on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s fresh concern: ‘Hopefully it’s nothing serious’

Everton & Liverpool linked with move for Real Sociedad’s Diego Llorente

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New Testpilot Social Media Accounts Suggest More Permanent Alias For Deadmau5

For the longest time, Deadmau5‘s testpilot techno alias has been something that he’s pulled out only on select occasions. But, as the alias has seen a comparably larger festival presence in the past year or so, it seems that it is becoming more of a regular fixture for the artist.

This presumption is reinforced by the fact that various social media accounts have just been registered for testpilot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @toliptset.

Mau5trap actually tweeted out the new handle with a photo of the (presumed) new testpilot logo/avatar and captioned it “Friday,” suggesting we may even get an official release from this alias tomorrow.

Stay tuned to find out more!

friday [@toliptset] pic.twitter.com/XTTAFF2sD4

— mau5trap (@mau5trap) March 6, 2019


Photo via Rukes.com

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10 Strategies for Improving Creative Thinking and Having Time To Do It

cmart29 / Pixabay

Most tasks need a minimum of some degree of imagination, however enhancing creativity isn’’ t the like enhancing your raw efficient output. You might have the ability to master some standard performance practices , like getting rid of disruptions and interruptions, however even if you’’ re focusing solely on the issue in front of you, you can’’ t summon the imagination essential to fix it by large force of will.

Fortunately, there are some methods that can assist you be more innovative, both in the minute you require that imaginative increase and in your total life. Eventually, higher, more versatile imagination will assist you achieve your duties quicker—– and more effectively.

.The Need for Improving Creative Thinking.

Even if you wear’’ t feel your function needs imagination, imaginative motivation can assist you in several methods:

.Imaginative applications. There are some apparent applications for enhanced imagination. If you’’ re accountable for developing sites, developing brand-new item concepts, or any other jobs that need some degree of fundamental imagination, it pays to be able to believe in unique methods. You’’ ll create originalities quicker, and will wind up with greater quality work .Fixing Any issue that requires to be resolved can be fixed more effectively if you’’ re believing artistically. If you ’ re not able to fulfill a due date you assured your customer, believing artistically might assist you find an alternative option—– or at least come up with a technique for how to notify your customer. You can likewise utilize innovative issue resolving to much better browse individual disagreements, or enhance logistics.Preventing burnout. Believing artistically can assist you prevent burnout. Doing your task in brand-new, intriguing methods, and thinking of your environments in distinct methods can keep you mindful and taken part in your duties. you can calendar to stop procrastination

Has There Been a Proven Method to Stop Procrastination?

.Why You Can’’ t Force Creativity.

Unfortunately, imagination isn’’ t something you can require . The more difficult you believe about an issue that needs an innovative option, the more annoyed you’’ ll most likely get– and the more you’’ ll get from a possible service. Imagination is the outcome of a number of connecting aspects in your environment and in your own mind, needing relaxation, unique input sources, and distinct idea patterns. Attempting to brute-force a brand-new discovery isn’’ t going to work. Rather, you require to structure your environment and enhance your routines to motivate imagination naturally.

.Sources of Creative Inspiration.

Rely on these possible sources of motivation to believe more artistically in your every day life:

.You can likewise promote your acoustic sense by placing on the ideal kind of music.

For the many part, music can assist you focus and end up being more efficient , however the category and nature of the music you pick does matter. For lots of people, lyric-heavy music is more disruptive than calming, and if you play music that falls outdoors your individual taste, you’’ ll wind up disliking it. Rather, select music you personally choose, and preferably, some tunes with imaginative and abstract touches. Keep it dipping into a low- to moderate-volume throughout the day.Abstract art.

Let’’ s turn our attention to our visual sense. Gazing at a computer system screen, or taking a look at the issue you’’ re attempting to resolve isn ’ t going to assist you believe in brand-new, imaginative methods. Rather, it’’ s better to concentrate on something that motivates something various. This Hang some abstract art on the walls of your workplace and look at it whenever you require to believe and decompress up some originalities. Attempt not to consider it excessive; simply let your mind roam while you concentrate on it.Important oils.

One of the very best methods to promote imagination is to expose your senses to brand-new experiences. You can begin by utilizing various organisation necessary oils to promote your olfactory sense. Various aromas are declared to have various results; for instance, lavender is connected with relaxation.Scientific proof on these impacts differ, however something is specific; surrounding yourself with a enjoyable and/or intriguing aroma can change your environments and present more novelty into your environment. Select a handful of necessary oils you like and keep them close by, then pick one or cycle through them when you’’ re in requirement of relaxation or something brand-new in your environment.Shower More.

There’’ s a factor it ’ s cliché to believe up brand-new, innovative concepts in the shower . It ’ s since there ’ s absolutely nothing to sidetrack us and absolutely nothing to inhabit our attention; rather of focusing tough on an issue or getting drawn in various instructions, we tend to “ zone out ” as we ’ re surrounded by the ambient sound of falling water. Appropriately, among the very best methods to believe more artistically is to take a break. Leave whatever you ’ re dealing with, and provide yourself area. Your subconscious mind will continue dealing with the issue even if you ’ re not concentrating on it, and you might wind up with your “ eureka ” minute as quickly as you leave. Exercise. Similarly, attempt getting some exercise, and wear ’ t listen to music or podcasts while you ’ re doing it. Exercising is a sort of break; you won ’ t need to believe too difficult about what you ’ re doing, so your mind will do not hesitate to’roam. In addition, you ’ ll promote the circulation of endorphins and’alleviate tension, so you can believe more plainly and work more proficiently when you go back to the job at hand. For much more advantages, attempt running, strolling, or cycling to someplace you ’ ve never ever been previously– which occurs to accompany our next suggestion. New environments. When you ’ re stuck in the same cubicle exact same office, #ppppp> It ’ s hard to believe artistically. Improving creativity is triggered by unique experiences, so it ’ s essential to look for brand-new environments regularly. Choosing a walk around the block might be enough to get those innovative juices rolling, however it ’ s even much better to go to a brand-new coworking area , a brand-new café, or elsewhere you ’ ve never ever been previously. Even altering the workplace furnishings around might suffice to offer you some limited advantages. Concept networks.

If you put on ’ t understand where to begin fixing the issue, you can conceptualize utilizing a concept network.Take a paper’, make a note of the main concept, style, or issue you ’ re attempting to conceptualize around, and circle it. Draw lines to other terms, principles, or subtypes that you associate with this core idea. Map those to a lot more associated terms, and so on. In simply a couple of minutes, you ’ ll have a physical map of the principle, which you’can utilize to direct your thinking and think about pocket ideas you may have ignored. Proper timing.

Some individuals are naturally more imaginative and moreefficient at specific times of day. If you ’ re regularly operating at a time you’feel slow or braindead, you ’ re basically losing your time . Early morning individual? Attempt to do your imaginative operate in the early morning. Enhance your schedule for more night work if you choose nights. You can likewise utilize timing to help with innovative workouts, like setting a timer and composing as lots of concepts as you can prior to time goes out. Other voices and point of views.

We frequently have a hard time tobelieve artistically since of the constraints of our own We see things from just one perspective, which avoids us from “ believing outside package. ” To solve this, you require to talk “to other individuals and get their point of views. If you ’ re attempting to resolve an issue, talk with other individuals handling the exact same issue, and even much better, talk with somebody completely got rid of from the issue– they might see it in a various method, and one that lights up the real origin of the issue. Sleep.

You require to be well-rested to achieve your finest thinking, and some proof recommends that sleep is a important chance for our minds to create brand-new connections . If you ’ re stuck on a difficult issue, think about taking a brief nap, and if you discover yourself requiring to believe up brand-new, imaginative services regularly, pay attention to your sleep practices. Goal to get the advised 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, and keep a constant sleep schedule while you ’ re at it.

 determining performance in the work environment

. Bonus Offer Tips for Improving Creative Thinking.

You can likewise see much better outcomes by embracing the following:

. Be alright with bad concepts.

You won ’ t get anywhere if you ’ re pursuing the “ ideal ” concept andyou decline to endure anything else. Be fine with bad concepts; if you keep creating brand-new product”, ultimately, you ’ ll discover a rough diamond. Believe like a kid (or an amateur ).

Change your viewpoint by deliberately believing like a kid, or an amateur who has no concept what to make from this subject; it can brighten brand-new measurements of the principle you wouldn ’ t normally think about. You put on ’ t need to do this alone. Think about crowdsourcing the conceptualizing procedure. Ask individuals in your instant area to assist you believe up originalities, or by utilizing an online platform. Utilize a study on social networks to collect special viewpoints and viewpoints from another location. Diversify your methods.

Most significantly, keep in mind that imagination is everything about novelty. You won ’ t be able to believe up anything brand-new if you utilize the exact same techniques and the exact same techniques over and over. Mix things up from time to time, and try out brand-new angles.

You ’ ll be astonished just how much time you can conserve and just how much more powerful your concepts will end up being as soon as you discover how to believe more artistically– without straining yourself at the same time. These techniques won ’ t work similarly well for everybody, however if you alter your routines and begin working brand-new techniques into your rotation, you ’ ll likely see outcomes.


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How to Sell on Instagram: A Stories Strategy That’s Generated ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ in Sales

This post belongs to our Instagram Marketing Strategy series . The series supplies you with actionable insights and lessons on how companies are utilizing Instagram. Next up, Jay Perkins shares how Kettlebell Kings has actually utilized Instagram to create ‘‘ numerous countless dollars ‘in income.


“We all had what I think you call ‘‘ genuine tasks’,” Jay Perkins informed me.

Back in 2013, Jay operated at Bigcommerce, an e-commerce software application service provider where he found out about what it requires to have an effective online service.

But Jay might just keep back his entrepreneurial aspirations for so long.

After subjugating organisation concepts for a year-or-so, Jay and his 2 company partners chose to start and introduce an online shop of their own.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Kettlebell Kings is a leading kettlebell devices provider based in Austin, Texas, producing mid seven-figures each year in profits —– with much of its brand-new service coming straight from leads produced on Instagram.

.‘‘ Most of our most significant offers and organisation advancement relationships have actually come through Instagram’.

There was a time, when Kettlebell Kings initially began, that Google AdWords projects and an engaging complimentary shipping deal —– “the very first of its kind in the kettlebell area,” Jay stated —– were its primary marketing strategies.

Yet as the business grew, social networks took control of as the # 1 method to produce brand-new service and Instagram is now Kettlebell Kings most effective marketing and acquisition channel.

” On average we get 400-600 leads weekly from social networks, with half originating from Instagram,” Jay informed me over e-mail.

When it pertains to income produced straight from Instagram “it would remain in the numerous thousands,” he exposed (Kettlebell Kings utilizes Hubspot to track its conversions).

But Instagram hasn’t simply assisted Kettlebell Kings to produce one-off sales to customers, it’s likewise an essential channel for service advancement.

Jay discussed:

” Most of our greatest offers and organisation advancement relationships have actually come through Instagram —– we have actually even signed handle nationwide health club chains from leads created on the platform.”

Instagram didn’t end up being a lead generation goldmine overnight. It took a great deal of work.

.‘‘ We’re really rigorous on the posts that enter into our feed’.

The initial step to an effective Instagram marketing method is producing material for your Instagram feed that your audience wishes to engage and see with.

In the Instagram feed, Kettlebell Kings concentrates on sharing instructional material and exercise examples —– this technique has actually assisted it to generate an audience of over 79,000 fans. It likewise reposts images and videos from clients and this user-generated material angle has actually caused the hashtag #kettlebellkings being utilized more than 20,000 times on Instagram.

.Secret takeaway: User-generated material.

” Back in 2016, we began to welcome user-generated material for our Buffer Instagram account. In the very first year, this technique assisted our account grow by nearly 400% –– 4,250 to 21,000 fans. Now we have more than 40,000 fans.”

Brian Peters.Digital Marketing Strategist.

” We’re really stringent on the posts that enter into our feed,” states Jay. For a post to make it to Kettlebell Kings’ Instagram feed, the material needs to:

.Feature excellent usage of a Kettlebell Kings item ✅✅ Show excellent kind (when utilizing the kettlebells) ✅✅ Provide a lots of worth to the audience( assisting them to discover something brand-new, enhance their strategy) ✅✅

But with stories, Jay thinks there’s more liberty to publish less-polished material at a greater frequency.

Kettlebell Kings can likewise repost and include more of its clients utilizing stories than it can within the feed. “We can repost 10-12 clients who tag us every day through stories,” states Jay. Being reposted by the Kettlebell Kings account is fulfilling and extremely appealing for those included and it likewise motivates a growing number of clients to share their material on Instagram.

Here’s how that method plays out……

Within the Instagram feed, you may see a video of a perfectly-executed kettlebell exercise:

Or a shoppable, premium picture of a Kettlebell Kings item:

Then on Instagram Stories you may see a Kettlebell Kings consumer exercising:

But how does this all equate into leads and profits?

.Instagram Stories: The lead-gen trump card.

Now we move onto the conversion focused part of this technique.

Here’s how Kettlebell Kings drives numerous leads each week straight from Instagram.

.1. Share interesting material to stories.

First, Kettlebell Kings will share material to Instagram Stories . Frequently these posts will be exercise examples or reposts from clients:

On typical these stories will be seen by around 10 percent of Kettlebell Kings’ fans, in some cases as much as 15 percent if there’s a CTA in a feed post to ‘‘ check out stories’.

. 2. Consist of swipe up CTAs to drive traffic to a landing page.

Next, Kettlebell Kings will consist of a CTA to ‘‘ Swipe Up ‘for exercise examples or more material within among its stories posts:

( If you wish to produce easy Stories graphics like this, we develop Stories Creator to assist you do simply that. It’s complimentary and no signup is needed.)

.Author’s note:.

The Instagram Stories ‘‘ Swipe Up ‘function is now offered to all Instagram organisation accounts with 10,000 fans or more.

If you do not rather have 10,000 fans, here are some resources to assist you grow your account:

10 Proven Tactics To Grow Followers and Engagement A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing: The Playbook That Drives Results 9 Powerful Time-Saving Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram Ash Read.Handling Editor.

Once an audience swipes up, they will be required to a landing page or a short article where they can learn more about a subject and enter their e-mail address for more special material:

These pages tend to transform visitors to email addresses at around 25-45 percent, depending upon the traffic source. 100 gos to would create in between 25 and 45 brand-new leads, on average.

.3. Produce customized e-mail streams for each landing page.

Finally, once the visitor has actually shared their e-mail address it will be participated in among numerous e-mail workflows Kettlebell Kings has actually developed to serve valuable e-mails about kettlebell exercises and strategies from specialists.

” We have distinct workflows depending upon how somebody has actually entered our system,” Jay discussed. All its workflows have to do with structure worth and trust with brand-new leads. Kettlebell Kings deliberately consists of item images in its e-mails however seldom attempts or sends out deals to make a sale. Rather, supplying high quality material is the primary objective.

Kettlebell Kings objective to remain top-of-mind by supplying worth to prospective consumers in every e-mail with the objective of ultimately transforming when a lead chooses it’s time to buy some brand-new devices.

Due to the work Jay and his group put in making sure Kettlebell Kings’ Instagram feed is constantly filled with fresh, interesting material the business continuously has batches of brand-new fans —– “about 1,000 brand-new fans weekly today,” Jay states —– to have a look at its Instagram Stories and participate in its e-mail funnels.

.Over to you.

This method has actually produced ‘‘ numerous thousands’ in earnings for Kettlebell Kings and there’s no factor you can’t likewise execute within your own social networks strategies.

How does your company usage Instagram Stories? Let me understand in the remarks listed below.

.The Instagram Marketing Strategy Series.A nine-part series on how to utilize Instagram for company.  ➡Up next:. How Bustle develops appealing Instagram Stories Driving traffic utilizing Instagram Stories advertisements How Nike handles Instagram engagement

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