Mompreneur – How to Become a Successful Tips and Facts

How to Become a Successful Mompreneur – Some Great Tips

So, you want to know how to become a successful mompreneur eh?

First off, what is a momprenuer? A mompreneur is a term for women who establish businesses at home while also acting as the full time parent. The mompreneur movement is one steadily growing in the U.S. as mothers try to find ways to make money, express their creativity or business skills, and also to parent their children.

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Now to the goods, here are a few tips on how to become a successful mompreneur.

Find Your Passion. Do what you and find a way to do that from home and make money! With those 2 things, you have a winning combination.

Have A Set Apart Home Office Space. I can’t stress this enough. Lets face it … you aren’t going to get much done or as much done if you’re sitting on the sofa trying to work on your laptop and have Barney or Elmo or any other distraction vying for your attention … not to mention the noise of little or “big ones” in the room.

mompreneur rule the world of small business and local businessCreate A Work Schedule. Set aside SPECIFIC TIME that you are going to do your work. You must be disciplined in this or you will feel like you are spinning your wheels … working … working … working and never getting much accomplished. Create a schedule, just like you would if you worked a standard job. Stick to it just as if you had a “boss” that was watching you until your work is done.

Dedication and Discipline. Don’t be a quitter set your goals, implement your plan and stick to it woman! (or man … if you happen to be a “dadprenuer” or guy gleaning tips here … welcome) Remember it’s the simple income producing activities, done every day that will produce you the results you want. But here’s the catch the simple things that are easy to do, are also EASY not to do. That is why you must be disciplined. Believe me a few years of hard work from home, to set yourself financially free or just BOOST your income, for the rest of your life is worth it!

So, now that we have a few tips on how to become a successful mompreneur in place, lets talk about what you can do?

There are so many business ideas: selling jewelry, or a skin care line, freelance writing, blogging, consulting, becoming a travel agent, selling a product online on eBay or Amazon for example. The skies the limit really!

Then once you decide what it is you are going to do, set your goals, set your work time and don’t ԛuit. Be disciplined.

Another tip that I learned on how to become a successful mompreneur is, find someone who has the success YOU want and model them. I have heard it over and over this year. “Success Leaves Clues!” someone you admire and respect is having the success you want then simply follow in their footsteps. If you personally know them then ask them how.

If you don’t know them, study them, read their books if they have any, for example, Mary Kay Ash … one of the most successful mompreneurs of all time! In fact I may do entire blog post about her sometime. She has been one of the most influential women in my life when it came to learning how to become a successful mompreneur.

Begin to think … imagine … open up your possibilities on how to become a successful mompreneur. Sometimes it is our very mindset that is stopping us from becoming the success we were designed to be. The world is your oyster. I believe in you. The best is yet to come for your life. you are a “seasoned” mompreneur/entrepreneur, please share some of your tips with other moms and readers in the comment section below. Looking forward to sharing some more of my knowledge with you.

For Mother’s Day, Check Out These Statistics on Mompreneur

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Most moms who become entrepreneurs do so later in life — after their children begin attending school, according to a survey from online graphic design marketplace 99designs.

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Fifty-seven percent of the surveyed mompreneurs are 40 years old or older. And most are married too — 79 percent of female respondents have a spouse. Not only that, but whether it’s a spouse or a partner, most mompreneurs don’t start their own ventures without the financial support of their partner. In fact, a whopping 95 percent say they have a partner who brings in income.

Mompreneur and Want to be successful Mompreneurs are very busy women

These women are pretty busy too — almost three-quarters juggle entrepreneurship while being the primary child care provider in the family. So how do they do it? To start, most cut back on their hobbies in order to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Eighty-eight percent spend less than three to four hours a week on hobbies.

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99designs surveyed more than 1,290 male and female business owners with children under the age of 18 in the U.S., Europe and Australia for the survey. If you are a Mompreneur or a Mompreneur want to be, please let us hear from you. My Tech Manager can help Mompreneurs everywhere turn a business website from an expense into a money maker with our Local business blueprint. It is yours free for watching this video.

Until then,

Wishing You All The Success In The World.

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