How It Works

Shops Near You is a platform that connects your business to buyers.  All of this start with a write up of your product or service which gets promoted to buyers through search engines, social media and live streaming. Our team of digital marketing expert will do the following for our customers:

  • Research your market and find the keyword and keyword phrase your buyers are looking up on the internet
  • Design your business coupon, discount code and/or giveaway that will engage customers to take action online or at your location
  • Design a write up using the keywords/phrase that promote the call to action (coupon, discount code and/or giveaway) that they will take action on
  • Design a chatbot to inteact with visitors helping to drive more engagement with your brand
  • Design a landing page with details on how to redeem your business coupon, discount code and/or giveaway
  • Provide reports on traffic and conversion resulting in activity for potential customer
  • Promote your write up to drive visitors from search engines, social media networks and live streaming using our proven digital marketing services
  • Our experts will monitor, tweak and continue to promote the write up to grow your business with our technology

All our plans start at $150.00 setup fee and $50.00 per month.  It is affortable for even the small business to take advantage of our proven digital marketing solutions.  Contact us today to get start with our free webinar where you will learn more.  Now waiting….get started today!