Get Started

Alright! How do you get started with Shops Near You?  At the moment we have one plan.  More will be produced in the future but for now all you have to do is sign up and our expert staff will start creating our winning digital marketing solution to grow with technology.

Shops Near You is a Powerful technology and analytics platform not typically available for your small business and local business

This powerful platform connects local consumers looking for your product or service. Shops Near You means no more random marketing and costly ads not directed who are looking for you in your local community.

We are looking for local businesses in Charlotte, NC | Waxhaw, NC and Tacoma, WA area to join our proven digital marketing solution as customers.  We offer a marketing as a service solution to get your product/service in front of buyers.  We use our proven digital marketing solution to get buyers interactive and wanting more making it easy to get your business coupon, discount code and/or giveaways.  Our marketing as a service solution inclues the following:

  • Research marketing terms and develop a buyer profile
  • Create a sales page for the product/service
  • Create digital coupon, discount code and/or giveaway
  • Create a chatbot to interact with visitors
  • Create content to promote the product/service
  • Create a search engine marketing campaign for Google and Bing
  • Create a social media marketing campaign
  • Create a live stream campaign

Pay button$150 setup fee and $50.00 per month recurring monthly billing