Degeneration Nation: GMOs, Toxic Chemicals and Factory Farms

Commentary by Ronnie Cummins, International Director of Organic Consumers Association

” The Nation that damages its soil ruins itself.”.Franklin D. Roosevelt 19431

Welcome to Degeneration Nation 2019. The frightening reality is that genetically crafted crops and foods, hazardous chemicals and agriculture —– the unholy trinity of commercial food and farming —– are weakening our extremely survival. Public health and the health of the living Earth —– our soils, forests, wetlands, watersheds, oceans and environment —– are quickly being ruined, civilian casualties emerging from the “earnings at any expense” principles of business agribusiness, Big Biotech, Big Pharma and Big Food.

Cancer , persistent illness, weight problems , loss of fertility, mass anxiety, finding out specials needs and reproductive conditions have now end up being the standard, in addition to ecological destruction. The rhythms and cycles of nature —– the environment, the soil carbon cycle, the water cycle, biodiversity, the environment and even the stability of our DNA —– are unraveling.

Unless we can turn things around, closed down the agriculture , restore our soils, restore our forests and watersheds, and eliminate the contaminants, GMOs and greenhouse gases infecting our bodies and our environment, installing proof recommends that we might quickly, possibly in the area of one generation, pass the moment of truth.

.Pirated System Threatens Environment and Health.

Despite all of our efforts in regards to public education and mobilization, corrupt federal government authorities, regulative firms and worldwide trade bureaucrats have actually permitted Monsanto/Bayer, Syngenta/ChemChina, Dow/Dupont and a cabal of international agribusiness, chemical, seed and GMO corporations, helped and abetted by Madison Avenue, Wall Street and the mass media, to pirate our food and farming system and gradually however undoubtedly weaken our health, deteriorate the soil, contaminate the environment and destabilize the environment.

Although Big Food, the Gene Giants and the Factory Farm lobby have actually handled to hinder our efforts up until now to prohibit GMOs, hazardous chemicals and agriculture, individuals in the U.S. and all over the world are beginning to get up.

After numerous years of pressure from customer activists, and an apparently endless stream of food security scandals, Big Food Inc. has actually continued to lose trustworthiness and market share. Backed by corrupt political leaders and effective trade companies such as the Grocery Manufacturers Association, most of big food corporations pushed away countless customers by battling versus obligatory “native land” and GMO labeling of foods.

Watching customers turn away from their items, big international food and drink corporations such as General Mills, Nestle, Campbell’s, Coca-Cola, Cargill, Pepsi, Kellogg’s, Danone, Perdue, Unilever and others have actually been required to attempt to support their track records and market share by purchasing up every considerable natural brand name going to offer out.2

At the very same time, huge grocery store chains in North America and throughout the world, consisting of Walmart, Kroger, Safeway and Amazon/Whole Foods, have actually been required by customer need to increase the sales and marketing of their store-brand private-label natural and “natural” items.

Even junk food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway, pressed by drooping sales amongst millennials and competitors from natural/non-GMO food upstarts like Chipotle and Panera, have actually broadened their menus and put more focus on nutrition.

Having stopped working to support their drooping revenues with natural acquisitions alone, the food giants have actually worked with an army of PR companies and political lobbyists to assist them fraudulently “greenwash” and market billions of dollars of their traditional (GMO-tainted, factory-farmed and chemical) items as “natural,” “natural” or “ecofriendly.”

In action, groups consisting of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), Beyond Pesticides and Food &&Water Watch have actually introduced many suits, taking legal action against business for fraudulently identifying their items as natural, pasture-raised, u.s.-made or ecofriendly, when in reality they are not.

Despite all their cash and power, Big Food Inc. still discovers itself on the defensive, frantically attempting to connect to smart and evermore mindful customers, and to neutralize what OCA and allied food activists have actually been informing customers for 25 years: Industrial, GMO-tainted, pesticide-laden, factory-farmed foods are bad for your health, bad for stock, bad for little farmers and farmworkers, bad for the environment, and as a growing number of individuals are beginning to comprehend, bad for the environment.

.GMOs, Industrial Agriculture and Toxic Chemicals.

A growing corps of mindful customers is beginning to comprehend the threats of pesticide and drug residues in our food and water, and the hazard of hazardous chemicals in daily customer items, consisting of clothes, body care items , cosmetics , plastics , laundry and cleansing active ingredients, bed mattress, bed linen, mobile phones and computer system gadgets.

America’s growing health awareness is a significant motorist of the development in the natural, yard fed, natural health and green items sectors. Intensifying the agritoxic and commercial contamination of our environment, water and food we have now, over the previous numerous years, we have actually been dragged into the Brave New World of Genetic Engineering and Frankenfoods.

Genetic engineers, chemical business and Big Pharma have actually started to carry out a haphazard and extreme reprogramming —– with little or no insight, preventative measures or safeguards —– of the really plans of life. They are genetically changing germs, infections, seeds, plants, animals, foods, trees, drugs and now human beings.

Almost half of America’s cropland is committed to GMO crops, consisting of over 140 million acres of GE corn, soybeans, and cotton. Seventy to 80 percent of dining establishment, school and grocery store snack bar processed foods are polluted with genetically crafted corn, soy, canola, high fructose corn syrup and cotton seed/vegetable oil.3

Meanwhile, 90 percent of our meat and animal items are coming out of agriculture, where animals are packed with GMO animal feed (corn and soy), and recklessly dosed with Big Pharma animal drugs and development promoters.

And, naturally, it is not simply the genetic modification, foreign DNA, antibiotic marker genes and viral promoters in these daily (nonorganic) Frankenfoods and crops that we require to fret about.

We likewise need to compete with the reality that these gene foods and animal feeds have actually been splashed with toxic pesticides, fungicides and insecticides. After 30 years of force feeding the general public a huge variety of untried, unlabeled GMOs and low-grade, nutritionally lacking “product” crops and foods laced with pesticides like Roundup, dicamba, 2,4-D, chlorpyrifos, atrazine, malathion, neonicotinoids and Bt, it is no surprise that public health is progressively deteriorating.

The effect on the environment of GMOs, chemical-intensive commercial farming and agriculture is similarly ravaging. They are accountable for water contamination, marine dead zones, aquifer exhaustion, destruction of the soil’s capability to hold and take in water, air contamination, damage of wetlands and meadows, loss of biodiversity, exterminating wildlife, bugs and pollinators, and triggering soil disintegration and huge climate-disrupting emissions of CO2, methane and laughing gas.

Perhaps most unsafe of all is the effect of commercial farming on the loss of soil fertility and soil carbon, which has actually deteriorated the natural capability of healthy soil, lawns, trees and plants to efficiently perform photosynthesis and drawdown, hence hindering their capability to sequester excess CO2 from our supersaturated environment, into our soils and biota.

.Factory Farms, GMO Animal Feed and Pharma Drugs.

Ninety percent of the dairy, meat, and poultry taken in by the average (malnourished, supersized) American customer today originates from crowded, dirty, hellish agriculture and feedlots, euphemistically called CAFOs (focused animal feeding operations).

The day-to-day diet plan of the unlucky animals in these animal jails normally includes pesticide-drenched GMO grains, prescription antibiotics, development promoters and a mind-blowing variety of other Big Pharma animal drugs. The poultry, meat and dairy coming out of these animal factories is low in nutrition, consistently infected with hazardous germs, pathogens and animal drugs, and packed with artery-clogging bad fats (low in omega-3 and high in omega-6).

Study after research study connects the country’s weakening health, consisting of the persistent health epidemic of our kids, to the increasing quantities of harmful chemicals and GMOs (basically pesticide shipment systems) disposed into our environment and laced into our food.

Although roughly 12 percent of American customers today, according to the current studies, are attempting to secure ourselves and our households by constantly purchasing natural foods, and 47 percent sometimes do so, the majority of us are exposed day after day to a barrage of poisonous, carcinogenic, hormone-disruptive chemicals and GMOs.

The typical American diet plan, as and others have actually explained, is now generally made up of extremely processed unhealthy food (70 percent) and drinks, in addition to factory-farmed meat and animal items —– to put it simply, the kinds of foods you can buy at your regional filling station, junk food dining establishment or corner store.

What are a few of the health effects of this harmful attack? A current Rand Corporation study4 discovered that 60 percent of Americans experience a minimum of one persistent health condition such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes and weight problems; and 42 percent have 2 or more of these diseases.

Chronic illness now represent more than 40 percent of the $3.5 trillion that individuals are turning over to Big Pharma and the medical commercial complex. Scientific research studies suggest that the frustrating bulk of these persistent illness are brought on by dietary and ecological contaminants, instead of genetic elements.

.When in their life time, #ppppp> Half of all Americans are now anticipated to come down with cancer at least. According to current research study, U.S. guys born in 1960 have a life time cancer danger of 53.5 percent. For or ladies it’s 47.5 percent.5 Seventy percent of U.S. drinking water is now polluted with Monsanto’s poisonous herbicide, Roundup,6 while 93 percent of customers now have traces of Monsanto’s toxin (active component glyphosate) in our urine.7

Today, 1 in 13 U.S. kids has severe food allergic reactions; 6 to 24 percent have major digestive issues; 20 percent are overweight; 60 percent have persistent headaches and 20 percent experience mental illness and anxiety. One in every 41 young boys and 1 in every 68 women is now identified with autism.8

Deteriorating public health is not simply an issue in the U.S. It’s likewise a worldwide crisis. Of the poisonous stew of Chemicals and gmos disposed into the environment or laced into food or other customer items, 99 percent or more have actually never ever been separately checked for their toxicity on animals or other living organisms, much less in mix with other artificial chemicals, which is how most human beings and animals come or consume in contact with them.9

As an outcome, the frustrating bulk people are exposed every day to actually numerous various contaminants, whether we’re discussing our food, water, house, air and work environment, medical drugs, or daily customer items. As long time Australian natural farm leader and pesticide specialist Andrew Leu explains:10

” Regulatory authorities are neglecting a big body of peer-reviewed science revealing the damage triggered by pesticides and they are making choices on data-free presumptions … A research study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control discovered a mixed drink of lots of poisonous chemicals in the blood and urine of a lot of Americans.”

.Soil Degeneration.

Genetically crafted (GE) crops, hazardous agrichemicals, commercial monocultures and factory farms are progressively deteriorating not simply our health and our air and water, however our soils. Disintegration, compaction, loss of nutrients and salinization are now extensive.

Healthy soils, abundant in carbon raw material and bacteria, and the plants, trees, and animals that rely on a carbon abundant soils, are the secret to human health and nutrition. Our soils are the structure for worldwide biodiversity. They are likewise the most essential consider keeping a climate-stabilizing balance in between the quantity of CO2 in our environment and oceans, and the quantity of carbon in our biota and soils.

Soils likewise control the circulation of water from rains or snowmelt, and filter or lower hazardous contaminants, whether from commercial, community or farming sources. GMOs and commercial product crops can not grow without the enormous usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

In truth, GMO seeds are clearly developed and patented by corporations such as Monsanto in order to make the most of sales of their exclusive pesticides such as Roundup. Spraying pesticides and disposing massive quantities of chemical fertilizers on farmland eliminates the soil, getting rid of soil natural matter and the bacteria that provide increase to soil fertility and healthy food.

Under the effect of degenerative food, farming and land-use practices, that include logging, heavy plowing, monocropping (growing the exact same crop every year) and the heavy usage of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, a lot of farming soils have actually lost 30 to 75 percent of their initial soil natural carbon.11

Seventy-five billion lots of topsoil, with a market price of $400 billion are lost every year to wind and water disintegration, generally from cattle ranches and farms using chemical-intensive, soil-degenerating farming approaches.12

Before carbon-sequestering forests, blended conventional cropping and meadows were damaged by chemical-intensive and now GMO and factory-farmed commercial farming (and commercial forestry), worldwide soil raw material normally consisted of 6 to 10 percent of the soil volume —– 3 to 6 times the 1 to 3 percent levels common these days’s commercial farming soils.

In other words, taxpayer-subsidized, chemical-based commercial farming, agriculture and unlimited grazing (together with commercial forestry) have actually turned the earth’s soil (which still includes 3 times as much carbon as the whole quantity of CO2 in the environment) from being a significant climate-stabilizing carbon sink into a unsafe and huge source of greenhouse gas emissions and international warming.

Forty percent of the world’s farming soil is now categorized as seriously abject or abject. That implies that as much as 70 percent of the topsoil is gone.13

Unless soils are restored and wetlands and forests are brought back, billions of rural villagers and little farmers will lose their incomes and be repelled the land. In the meantime, billions of city customers will suffer the repercussions of consuming nutrient-deficient, chemical- and GMO-contaminated foods.

Healthy soil is likewise an essential consider figuring out whether the world’s 3 billion farmers and rural villagers can earn a living off the land, or whether they are required to move to big cities or foreign nations searching for a task and a good standard of life. According to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification:14

” The Earth is the basic pillar of civilization … The disintegration of soil, desertification and the scarcity of water add to the tension and rupture of society. In this sense, the destruction of the soil can be thought about as a ‘hazard amplifier,’ specifically due to the fact that it slowly minimizes the capability of individuals to make use of the land for the production of food, the procurement of water and other crucial community services.”

The damage of soil carbon (and soil fertility), by means of degenerative farming, grazing and incorrect land usage, is troubling considered that the leading 3 feet of the world’s soil holds 3 times as much carbon as the whole environment.15 This makes the soil a significant repository for carbon (together with oceans and forests) and for that reason a significant consider preserving environment stability.

Deforestation and damaging farming practices over the previous 10,000 years have actually launched 320 billion lots of carbon into the environment. Burning nonrenewable fuel source has actually launched another 292 billion heaps.16 Over time, this consistent loss of soil carbon (and soil biodiversity and fertility) launched into the environment has not just altered the environment, however has actually likewise impacted the quality of our foods.

Today’s nonorganic foods have actually lost 25 to 75 percent of the important nutrients and trace element compared to 50 years back.

As the journal Scientific American mentions, “… veggies and fruits grown years ago were much richer in minerals and vitamins than the ranges the majority of us get today. The primary perpetrator in this troubling dietary pattern is soil deficiency: Modern extensive farming approaches have actually removed increasing quantities of nutrients from the soil in which the food we consume grows.” 17

Massive soil deterioration has actually occurred in every country, not simply the U.S. In a current report,18 researchers explain that the U.K. seems 30 to 40 years far from the “obliteration of soil fertility.”

.From Degeneration to Regeneration: Five Steps.

OK. Enough of the problem. What do we do about all this? How do we move from degeneration to regrowth? How do we beat Bayer/Monsanto, Big Food and Big Pharma? How do we reclaim control of our health and our diet plans, tidy up the environment, and participate the international effort to restore a steady environment?

Fortunately, countless us are currently turning down GMOs, pesticides and agriculture, and welcoming natural food and natural health practices and way of lives. Here are some things everybody can do:

.Stay spread out the message and notified of natural, regenerative and biodynamic food, farming and natural health amongst your household, next-door neighbors and good friends. A few of the very best newsletters, sites, social networks and sources of info consist of, and GMOs, hazardous pesticides and factory-farmed meat, dairy and poultry —– today and every day.Purchase natural, biodynamic, 100 percent lawn fed, other and pasture-raised regenerative foods and customer items.Get included with other natural health activists and regenerators in altering public law at the regional, state and nationwide levels. End up being a grassroots resident lobbyist with the Organic Consumers Association or OCA’s grassroots lobbying arm, the Citizens Regeneration Lobby.Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Organic Consumers Association or Regeneration International to support our continuous projects versus Monsanto, GMOs and agriculture.

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