Bruegger’s Will Give You 3 Free Bagels on Jan. 31! Here’s How to Get Them

Many food cycle offer you birthday giveaways . What about when it’’ s their birthday? Why not commemorate that too? Bruegger’’ s Bagels turns 36 this year. Rather of commemorating with cake and ice cream, the breakfast and coffee stop is doing what comes naturally: providing complimentary bagels. Want to carb up for complimentary? .How […]

[TX] Ever wonder about the difference between name brand and off-brand refrigerator water filters? (I cut some open on a bandsaw to see for myself)

I see this question come up a lot on here and other forums I browse, and decided to find out what the real difference was inside. Spending $50 on the branded water filter for the fridge is not something any of us look forward to, especially when there are off-brands for $10-20 that spout all […]

How to Take Action: 12 Habits that Turn Dreams into Reality

” Knowing is insufficient; we need to use. Ready is inadequate; we need to do.””. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ““ Don’t wait. The time will never ever be perfect.””.Napoleon Hill . What makes dreams into truth? I think that maybe the most essential – – and a frequently overlooked – thing is merely acting. .When […]

Skrillex & Utada Hikaru Enter The Billboard Hot 100 with “Face My Fears”

Skrillex completely wowed us with his stunning collaboration “Face My Fears” with Hikaru Utada. Not only is it an amazing song, it doubles as the opening theme for the brand new Kingdom Hearts III video game. The track has seen wild, viral success online since its release and now it’s being recognized in the mainstream, as well. According to […]

Drake walked into a McDonald’s and gave two female employees $10,000 in cash

Drake walked into a McDonald’s and gave two female employees $10,000 in cash We’re forever here for a feel-good celebrity tipping story. Famous people tend to have money to spare, and when they decide to tip a server or a restaurant employee with a fat bundle of cash, it’s a nice reminder that there’s some […]

Tessa Spierings’ tactile sound system explores the acoustic properties of materials

Spierings’ Echo combines bespoke speakers with removable tubes made of different materials that can be used to alter the properties of the music played by the system. Described as a “soundscape that makes acoustics visible and tactile”, the system features tubes in different lengths made from three different materials – ash wood, fabric-covered foam and […]

HOT! Save 10% off your entire shopping trip at Kroger!

Kroger just released a HOT digital coupon to give you 10% off your entire shopping order!! Go click here and see if this digital coupon is available for you. I hope it is! I don’t ever recall them offering this, so this is pretty cool! This coupon can only be used once and is valid […]