3% Is A Feeling Of So Much Power

I Feel so POWERFUL! SO ENCHARGED of my self-preservation! I MADE POWER… Well, solar power anyway, from an inexpensive solar car charger from a Harbor Freight Tools. The store opened a new location not too far from me.  I love this place, BUT it not the quality tools (cheap = hit or miss), let not go there, but for all the odd, cool, and fun stuff they sell.

Think any type of power tool anyone can afford – anything you will NEVER need but always wanted… even if you don’t need it but just wanted to play with it. Like a jackhammer… or welding or plasma cutting, 4 ton jack… It’s like a Part Auto Store. Part Tools, Part everything else.

I think that why I like it, I feel I’ve been to more stores at one stop, got more things done and they always get free junk product when I leave via their coupons.  You have to always go with their coupon or it is wasted trip. LOL

There some psychology attraction about they gave me 20% off and get a free 2.99 blue trap or free batteries..  I think I have 4 or 5 blue traps.

I have fond memories of that store, and It sadly I have to say this, But Mention Harbor Freight Tools is not an endorsement and I’m not get paid or any compensation or even a coupon…not even a coupon! I bet if they did give me a coupon it would be for a free blue trap!!!

When I first moved to Florida and Harbor Freight in Sarasota they sold 3d wooded ship puzzles my son and I would hot clue together.  Mini tools and lots of other fun stuff.

Yes, I was off the power grid… for 3% of charging my phone… OH, THE POWER!!!

“My parameters are simple: draw what comes to mind. Focus on a feeling and doodle it out…No color, just black and white images.  I want to also try to add a time limit of 20 minutes max (something new). No, this will not be  Zentangle, or “Tangle” but some principles apply and I may do a few of my own patterns.”

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Chato Stewart is Off The Grid of 3 Percent


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