Author Shares Her Low Writing Scores from 4th Grade to Prove Kids Are “More Than a Test”

Alexandra Penfold was in fourth grade when she wrote a self evaluation saying, “I love to write and I hope to become an author someday.” It was the same year that a standardized state test labeled her as “minimally proficient at writing,” after she scored only a 4 out of 8. This weekend I sorted […]

The Most Popular Halloween Candies by State Have Been Revealed

Image Source: Thinkstock It’s finally that sweet time of year when we step out of the house in the morning to sparkly, frost-covered grass. When the leaves start to fall in vibrant, autumn-colored hues. And when every store you enter has bags upon GLORIOUS bags of your favorite candy bars, miniature-sized for Halloween. I usually […]

When a 4-Year-Old Gets Homework, It’s Time to Admit Things Have Finally Gone Too Far

Image Source: Sarah Bregel This year, my 4-year-old kid began preschool. Being a common 2nd kid , he was more than all set on his very first day, marching in with his shoulders back and head held high. He’’ s extremely brave and immensely positive for such a little man. (Don’t get me incorrect. If […]

Travel to Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic in 4K

A days hike in the picturesque north-western region of Czech Republic, known as Bohemian Switzerland. Fun fact, the natural sandstone arch known as pravčická brána in Czech was a location filmed in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. music: Sweet & Beautiful by Read more:

Don’t leave the L1 out of English-taught programs, OUP experts warn

Policy makers should consider alternatives to the exclusive use of English when devising English-taught programs, in favour of a bilingual approach that includes the students’ first language, a white paper released by Oxford University Press argues. “It’s very easy to understand why governments and businesses want to develop English language skills in their country’s young […]

Gabrielle Union had the perfect clapback to an Instagram user who thought she was Brandy

Gabrielle Union had the perfect clapback to an Instagram user who thought she was Brandy It’s 2019, yet people of color—especially women of color—get mistaken for one another on a regular basis. The New York Times recently misidentified Angela Bassett as Omarosa, and Muslim American Noor Tagouri was confused with Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari in Vogue’s February […]

Mastering Regional Disaster Preparedness

There are all sorts of threats that exist outside of our control. In fact, when you sit down to consider it all it can be very overwhelming. The idea of creating a threat matrix can be very helpful but it … Continue reading The post Mastering Regional Disaster Preparedness appeared first on SHTF Prepping & […]

Here’s that ATTENTION you ordered –> Jim Acosta reminds us that Trump triggers him MOST OF ALL in just 3 little words

We haven’t heard much from Jim Acosta since he strolled the southern border and trolled himself in an epic way. Oh, we’re sure he’s continued babbling on Twitter about this or that but he doesn’t make our radar quite as much these days. But this was just too good … Nothing seems to trigger Jim […]

Chris Cornell’s children accept posthumous Grammy: “He was one of the greatest poets of his time”

The late Chris Cornell showed victorious at the 2019 Grammy Awards. The famous vocalist, who unfortunately died in May 2017, won Best Rock Performance for his solo track “When Bad Does Good” off in 2015’s Chris Cornell box set . In a touching minute, his 2 kids — — Toni, 14, and Christopher, 13 — […]

9 from ’19: Our picks from the annual PGA Show

Game-changer, breakthrough, the next big thing. Here we go again… Pick a Best of PGA Show article and you’ll find those adjectives and other superlatives in nauseating abundance. I’ve been guilty of it a few times myself. Every year hundreds…thousands of products are on display at the annual self-titled “Major of Golf Business” in Orlando. […]