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Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade returns to Instagram and disses the media

olivia jade

Olivia Jade is back on Instagram and she has a clear message for the haters.

Well, sorta.

In a recent Instagram photo, Jade, 19, poses with her middle finger high in the air, while tagging various media outlets in the caption. Most notably, she highlighted the publications that have been covering her parents’ involvement in the college admissions bribery scandal.

Jade was thrown into the spotlight this year after it was revealed that her famous mom Lori Loughlin had allegedly bribed officials at the University of Southern California in exchange for the sisters’ acceptances into the institution.

“@dailymail @starmagazine @people @perezhilton @everyothermediaoutlet #close #source #says,” Jade tweeted.

View this post on Instagram

@dailymail @starmagazine @people @perezhilton @everyothermediaoutlet #close #source #says

A post shared by olivia jade (@oliviajade) on Aug 11, 2019 at 11:03am PDT

Though it looks like she received a lot of support from her peers—including other social media influencers such as Tana Mongeau and Kylie Jenner’s best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou—people on Twitter were less than impressed with Jade’s sudden comeback into the public eye.

“I’m not even trying to sound sensitive but higher education is already geared towards the privileged and she took someone’s spot who could’ve been someone underprivileged looking for nice education her and every other person whose family has brief their way in suck lol,” tweeted @soiecouture.

I’m not even trying to sound sensitive but higher education is already geared towards the privileged and she took someone’s spot who could’ve been someone underprivileged looking for nice education her and every other person whose family has brief their way in suck lol https://t.co/EHtxormdrm

— sᴋɪɴɴʏ sᴘɪᴄᴇ ‎ (@soiecouture) August 11, 2019

“she acts like she’s a victim because the media reported on her cheating her way into university… okay,” responded @pradaduchess.

she acts like she's a victim because the media reported on her cheating her way into university… okay

— leonie! (@pradaduchess) August 11, 2019

“keep that privileged brat Olivia jade and her middle fingers off my timeline,” said @houseofhazel.

keep that privileged brat Olivia jade and her middle fingers off my timeline.

— H (@houseofhazel) August 12, 2019

“This is what privilege looks like. Her mom is going to jail because of how incompetent she is and this is her attitude. Fuck Olivia Jade,” said @MichaelBePetty.

This is what privilege looks like. Her mom is going to jail because of how incompetent she is and this is her attitude. Fuck Olivia Jade. pic.twitter.com/GSXo2YuhT5

— Petty Papi (@MichaelBePetty) August 12, 2019

“to all the Youtubers who hyped Olivia Jade’s recent post fuck y’all… what her and her family did fucked over hard working students who deserved her spot… y’all “social media influencers” could NEVER understand,” said @angldll.

to all the Youtubers who hyped Olivia Jade’s recent post fuck y’all… what her and her family did fucked over hard working students who deserved her spot… y’all “social media influencers” could NEVER understand

🃏 (@angldll) August 12, 2019

“this pic of olivia jade has all her influencer friends hyping her up like she’s not a shitty person lol,” tweeted @cacasmiddlename.

this pic of olivia jade has all her influencer friends hyping her up like she’s not a shitty person lol pic.twitter.com/uDtVQK3LpN

— LIL BITCH (@cacasmiddlename) August 12, 2019

Jade is also receiving backlash because apparently, the photo she posted is only allowed to be commented on by people she follows—which is a total of 564 people, compared to the 1.4 million who follow her.

This perhaps explains the influx of YouTubers and Influencers commenting on the photo.

“there she is,” said Karanikolaou underneath the Instagram photo.

“oh……my………god i am speechless,” commented Mongeau.

“not over you and this – QUEEN,” commented Jade’s sister Isabella Giannuli, who was also involved in the bribery scandal.

Jade and her sister have been making a slow comeback to the public eye, with both recently posting tributes to their mother, Lori Loughlin, for her birthday on July 28,

View this post on Instagram

one day late. happy birthday. i love you so much ❤

A post shared by olivia jade (@oliviajade) on Jul 29, 2019 at 6:37am PDT

Others who were charged and involved with the scandal, including actress Felicity Huffman, have already pled guilty to the charges. However, Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannuli chose to reject the plea deal offered to them and fight the charges.

Jade, who at the time was a YouTuber and upcoming Instagram influencer, was hit especially hard by the scandal after a video emerged of her saying she only wanted to party in college. Since the scandal broke, she has been relativity quiet on social media and lost multiple sponsorships, including lucrative deals with Sephora and Amazon.

In the past few months, rumors have circulated of a rift between Jade and her mother including reports that Jade had moved out of the family home in Bel Air.

An alleged insider told US Weekly that “[Olivia] is not talking to her parents right now. [She] feels she is the victim … Olivia blames her mom and dad for this scandal and for the downfall of her career.”

However, Jade’s social life has not suffered from the scandal, as the teenager has been snapped leaving night clubs and partying with her fellow YouTube friends since the scandal broke.

In a report published by Entertainment Tonight last week, another source had told the publication that Jade had “no plans to return to USC” and that she “never wanted to attend USC to begin with.”

“Right now her goal is to rebuild her brand and her business,” the source told ET.

 The so-called source also touched on Jade’s relationship with her mother, stating:

“Lori has apologized many times to her girls and has told them that she only wants the best for them. Olivia has forgiven her but she still carries some resentment because she realizes that this scandal has marked her and will never entirely go away. The girls are definitely scared for their mother and father. Until the court date has passed, they are just trying to get through the summer.”

It is unclear if Jade’s Instagram post was a response to the latest ET report.

Her parents face nearly 40 years in prison if convicted and are set to appear in court Aug. 27.


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ink neogeo mini Samurai Shodown

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Each console comes with two controls and an arcade cabinet-shaped console that works either portably or plugged into a television or monitor via HDMI. That, and a collectible character sticker corresponding with the color of the console. The console also comes packed with 40 classic SNK titles including:

Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Alpha Mission 
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Fatal Fury 2
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The King of Fighters ’97
The King of Fighters ’98
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Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug 3
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Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers
Robo Army
Samurai Shodown
Samurai Shodown II
Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge
Samurai Shodown V
Samurai Shodown V Special
Sengoku 3
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad
Soccer Brawl
Super Sidekicks
Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
Top Player’s Golf
Twinkle Star Sprites
World Heroes Perfect

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10 Common Myths About Dead Bodies That May Make You Squirm

There are a great deal of mistaken beliefs surrounding death and dead bodies. As somebody who deals with remains for a living, I ‘d like to take a minute to eliminate a few of the more typical misconceptions I’ve heard.

1. Hair and Nails Continue to Grow After Death. It’’ s baffling the number of individuals think this occurs. Nails and hair are made from a product called keratin, which includes several layers of dead cells. When brand-new living cells form and press the dead ones out into the world, nail and hair development happens. When an individual passes away, this activity stops, which suggests say goodbye to development happens. Appears apparent? The misconception might have been perpetuated by the truth that skin diminishes a little after death due to moisture loss, triggering hair and nails to look a little longer.

2. Dead Bodies Occasionally Sit Up. From time to time, you may hear a healthcare facility employee inform the story of ““ that time they went to the morgue and saw a body stay up.” ” They are either tinkering you, or a colleague was tinkering them and they didn’’ t recognize it! As somebody who has actually operated in and around morgues for over 13 years, I can definitively inform you that dead bodies wear’’ t stay up. I ’d most likely stopped my task if they did! The most they may do is jerk a little instantly after death. This phenomenon associated to rigor mortis is called a cadaveric convulsion. Later on, bloating from germs connected with decay may trigger the body to move a bit, however staying up? Not going to occur.

3. Corpses Are a Bunch of Stiffs. Mentioning rigor mortis, did you understand that rigor mortis, the postmortem stiffening of the body, goes and comes? Remains might have made the name, ““ stiffs, ” however they wear ’ t stay stiff permanently. They might not even get stiff to start with, depending on the cause of death. The muscles of the body unwind following death. Usually rigor mortis begins to embed in around 6–– 12 hours later on. The body can stay stiff anywhere from 18–– 36 hours, then will go back to a more unwinded, floppy state. These times differ based upon the cause of death and the body’’ s instant environment.

4. An Autopsy Will Instantly Determine the Cause of Death. This is in some cases real, especially if the cause of death has apparent physical symptoms, for example, a blood or a stroke embolism in the lungs. Often, extra screening is needed. Pathologists might require to take a look at organs and tissues under the microscopic lense, or send out blood and body fluid samples for toxicology screening to discover toxins, drugs, and alcohol in forensic cases. This can take months due to stockpiles at state labs. Sometimes, the cause of death might never ever be completely understood. Initial autopsy results requirement to be reported within 2 days, pathologists still have 30 service days to finish an autopsy report when the cause of death is understood, and 3 months for more complex cases. This indicates you won’’ t have the ability to check out the autopsy report in its totality right now.

5. If The Hospital Knows You’’ re an Organ Donor, They Won’’ t Try to Save You. In the United States, federally designated, non-profit organ procurement companies are different organizations from healthcare facilities, indicating the healthcare facility exists to conserve your life, while the organ procurement company exists to take your organs. End of story.

6. Death Investigation is Done by CSI. In the United States, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is entirely various from forensic death examination. CSI handles proof such as hair, fibers, shoe prints, and so on. They gather this proof and send it to be processed at a criminal activity laboratory. Many typically CSI is contacted us to deal with proof from criminal activities handling living individuals, such as rape or break-in. CSI might likewise pertain to a death scene, however the dead body is the duty of the medical inspector or coroner’’ s workplace. If an autopsy is required, an agent of one of those workplaces will explain and picture the body and environments at the death scene and figure out.

7. The Zombie Apocalypse is Coming. Well, it might be. Nobody truly understands for sure.

8. A Coroner is the exact same as a Mortician. In the United States, coroners are chosen authorities who are accountable for death examination and autopsies in some locations (they should be forensic pathologists in order to do autopsies). Morticians deal with funeral services and preparation of the body for burial and watching. A mortician can likewise be chosen as a coroner. In some states they typically carry out both functions, however it’’ s crucial to keep in mind that these are 2 different tasks. It’’ s likewise excellent to understand that not every state has coroners. Some have medical inspector systems, which utilize death private investigators rather of coroners, although their task descriptions are typically comparable.

9. You’’ re Going to Be Buried in a Coffin. If you reside in the United States, you’’ re more than most likely going to be buried in a coffin. Morticians are really specific about utilizing this right terms and even study the parts of the coffin in school. Here’’ s the offer. Coffins are rectangle-shaped boxes made from wood, composite, or metal, while caskets are six-sided, with the leading broader than the bottom (believe stereotyped Halloween decor). European nations frequently utilize caskets, which can vary from basic to extravagantly embellished.

10. The Eyes Stay Closed After Death. It’’ s uncommon that decedent ’ s eyelids will remain closed after death. It’’ s likewise not uncommon for somebody to pass away with their eyes open. It can be upsetting to see an enjoyed one with their eyes open, however it doesn’’ t have anything to do with their emotion at the time of death. It’’ s really rather natural and happens due to muscle relaxation around the eyes. Another reality: the exact same thing occurs with the mouth due to jaw muscle relaxation.


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‘Once Upon a Time’ divides audiences on its historical context

 sharon tate

This story includes spoilers.

Based on the trailer and tacky posters , it’s clear that Quentin Tarantino’s brand-new movie, Once Upon a Time… … in Hollywood , is embeded in 1969 Los Angeles and handle the Manson Family murders. The truth that Sharon Tate (played by Margot Robbie) is a primary character in the movie is a huge sufficient tip that Tarantino is going to end on the awful occasions that resulted in her death while 8 months pregnant. Tate’s murder (in addition to the murders of her pals, who were at her house at the time) ended up being a nationwide story and is popular by the majority of people with even an unclear understanding of Charles Manson, who directed leaders of his cult to eliminate everybody in Tate’s house on the notorious Cielo Drive.

But for more youthful individuals or generations who do not understand every information surrounding the Tate murders, is the ending of Tarantino’s movie reasonable? The concern has actually ended up being an argument on Film Twitter.

So likeIf you wear'' t understand the Manson murders in basic and the Cielo Drive murders in granular information does OUATIH make any sense?

—– Emily Yoshida (@emilyyoshida) July 30, 2019

I’’ m “strongly on’group “ it ’ s not Quentin Tarantino ’ s fault that ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD asks you to be a minimum of slightly acquainted with among the most notorious minutes in 20th century American history.””

— Jacob Hall( @JacobSHall ) July 28, 2019

I’m going to ruin the ending here, so if you have not seen the movie and do not wish to know what takes place, stop checking out! Seriously. OK, so if you enjoyed the movie, you understand that Tarantino rewords history in the design of Inglourious Basterds. The Manson Family members choose to go to star Rick Dalton’s home (Leonardo DiCaprio’s imaginary character) rather. Dalton lives next door to Tate in this alternate history. Dalton and his stunt double, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), secure the cult members in a gruesome manner in which is on-brand with Tarantino’s other movies. In the imaginary ending, Dalton is welcomed into Tate’s house, and he most likely ends up being buddies with her and in turn her other half, director Roman Polanski. It’s a bittersweet “what if the Tate murders never ever occurred” conclusion. (At the expenditure of viewing girls get completely killed for “home entertainment,” despite the fact that Manson was the real bad guy.) Is the end genuinely pleasing if you do not understand the complete history of the Tate murders? Most likely not.

” My moms and dads, who understand absolutely nothing about the Manson killings, simply enjoyed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and it’s the most baffled they’ve remained in their whole lives,” composed star and author Kumail Nanjiani in a tweet on Monday.

My moms and dads, who understand absolutely nothing about the Manson klllings, simply viewed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and it’’ s the most baffled they ’ ve remained in their whole lives.

—– Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) July 29, 2019

Several individuals priced quote Nanjiani’s tweet and concurred with him.

My sibling … plus she is more youthful so I needed to describe to her what actually occurred in reality https://t.co/5ejHOBDEqk

— Raisa Rezwan (@rezwannow) July 29, 2019

Basically me. I understood who Manson was however no concept about the Sharon Tate participation. Polanski existing simply appeared to make it much more comprised. https://t.co/wJ5fRcLYCq

— Muhammad Y (@moyunusmoprobs) July 29, 2019

As a young adult, I urge my fellow youngs to study a little bit on the Manson murders prior to seeing the film. I certainly understood enough not to be restrained, however there were a couple minutes I needed to remember why something apparently harmless was in fact rather substantial https://t.co/J0dFQSXPXc

— jake (@jakeyner) July 29, 2019

There are great deals of other tweets from individuals speaking about the movie being puzzling to those without understanding of the Manson killings.

How am I recently learning about this Charles Manson things. I saw the entire ““ when upon a time in Hollywood” ” film and was so baffled up until somebody informed me it had to do with Manson and I resembled who?

—– Whyel (@Whyel_YL) July 29, 2019

When all your pals go see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood not understanding what the movie is based off of and leave extremely baffled.

—– Marshall Brinton (@MarshallLeigh) July 27, 2019

Tarantino has actually formerly composed imaginary stories within historic settings (the previously mentioned Inglourious Basterds follows individuals outlining to remove Nazis and Adolf Hitler), however it’s unclear that Once Upon a Time is an alternate history movie till around the last 20 minutes. Tarantino asked critics not to ruin the ending in evaluations, which appears unneeded and in fact works versus the movie. They might be more likely to brush up on the real-life occasions prior to enjoying it if audiences went into the movie understanding it was a reword of history.

Charlie Says, another movie launched this year that follows the Manson Family killings, did a much better task at describing the awful occasions of 1969. The movie as a whole wasn’t as watchable as Once Upon a Time—– it holds a Rotten Tomatoes ranking of 57%—– however it does reveal the occasions that led up to the Tate murders and how it affected the females members included. Charlie Says does not represent the ladies as real bad guys, as Tarantino does. Rather, it reveals them as victims of brainwashing in a cult. At one point in the movie, the 3 ladies view a clip of Sharon Tate offering an interview from their jail cells. As they view it, they start to understand the complete degree of what they have actually done. It’s a psychological minute that brings a great deal of weight.

Once Upon a Time is a movie that is distinctly not about Manson and his cult (Manson is just revealed briefly, in one scene). Tarantino chooses to set its story, about a white male star stressed about ending up being a has-been, in the world of the Manson killings. The movie is stylistically lovely, with fantastic shots (minus all the strange feet close-ups and scenes of ladies snoring) and punchy discussion. It might have made the real history clearer to audiences. Films do not require to describe whatever, and in some cases when they do, it’s stressful. With a running time of almost 3 hours, Tarantino had plenty of time to briefly put the ending in context for a larger audience. When Upon a Time is more rewarding if you’re uninformed of the “twist” at the end, however it’s likewise useful to understand what actually took place prior to you view it. All of this is to state that if you’re reading this and thinking of seeing the movie, it would not harm to acquaint yourself with the information of the Tate killings .


‘‘ Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood’ ’ is essential Tarantino—– for much better or even worse Poster for ‘‘ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ ’ gets mercilessly roasted Mass killer and cult leader Charles Manson dead at 83

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Amazon Outlet is the bargain basement version of Amazon

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There’s absolutely nothing more alluring than an excellent sale. Amazon provides its Prime Day occasion for buyers to score on offers, however it’s likewise presented something lesser-known that provides minimized costs throughout the year: Amazon Outlet .

Outlet uses countless affordable products in practically every classification you can think about For the hardcore offer hunter, take a look at the Super Discounts area, which provides a great deal of things under $10. We can’t guarantee that all of it works (there is, for example, a twerking bear ), however offer hunters understand you need to sort through a great deal of garbage to discover a treasure in some cases.

You can likewise go gawk at their Best Sellers area, which is more of a reflection on the weirdness of humans than anything else. What we found out today: individuals truly do utilize Dieter’s Tea, still check out 9/11, and fill their phones cases with flower petals.

Overstock is likewise an authentic problem for Amazon. We have no concept how it perhaps keeps all of the zillions of orders they get every minute in line, however like every other merchant, they require a method to clean out things they have excessive of. We discovered a few of the very best offers here of all the areas, consisting of last-gen Kindles, charming infant clothing, and anti-aging skin care.

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